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Despite the fact that I have a Yahoo! email account, I do not actually spend a lot of time on said site. I usually go straight to my mail and ignore the fact that Yahoo! has another whole level to its programming. When searching the internet I, and the rest of the sane world, turn to Google for my “find it as fast as you can” inquiries. Imagine my surprise when, in an office day full of time ticking boredom, I found myself on the Yahoo! main page simply looking around. While there I discovered this wonderful little box in the bottom right hand corner titled “Today’s Top Searches.” Interesting, very interesting.

As of 1530 on the afternoon of November 28, 2007 the following inquiries have been the most sought after items through the Yahoo! search engine. Of course, I have to put in my two cents on each item because I am totally in awe as to the hodge-podge nature of the things people deem worthy of a search. Forgive me. I amuse easily.

“The Internet has no such organization - files are made available at random locations. To search through this chaos, we need smart tools, programs that find resources for us.” ~Clifford Stoll

1) Sean Taylor
Who? He was an NFL (National Football League … American football) player for the Washington Redskins who was murdered this week. Sports and murder seem to be two favorite topics in the United States, so I sort of understand how this search reached the number one spot. At least I did not have to Google this one myself in order to figure out who he was … I already knew. Whew!

2) Hayden Panattiere
Is the Heroes regenerating cheerleader really that interesting? Yes, I watch Heroes. Yes, I am a total geek.

3) Amy Winehouse
Is she in the news again? What did she do this time and why is it that inspired and interesting musicians always wind up complete drug addicts?

4) America’s Next Top Model
Oh please! Little girls in this country have a hard enough time with self image without this show continuing to stay on the air season after season. Did it air last night? Why was it number four in the search list? I know not why and I am too lazy and disgruntled to actually go hunting for the reason.

5) The Dark Knight
Finally! This is a topic I can get behind. Why is it on the list? I am pretty confident it has something to do with the teaser trailer premiering in movie theaters across the country over the holiday weekend. I know this because I saw it and almost hyperventilated with excitement even though it is nothing but voiceovers and a shattering of the Batman emblem. I think I just reestablished my geekdom, didn’t I?

6) Holiday Movie Guide
Wow! I have no words. This is actually a logical thing to put in a search engine. You have to weed through the holiday movie crap somehow.

7) Ingrid Marie Rivera
Who? No, seriously … who? Fine, I will go Google it. OK – I’m back and she is a sabotaged beauty queen. The words ‘beauty queen’ immediately establishes why I have no idea who this individual is and if there is sabotage going on at pageants than I am bound to get some sort of giggle out of it although pepper spray is a wee bit harsh.

8) Randy Rhoads
Quiet Riot guitarist Randy Rhoads passed away this week. Sad … true, but is it worthy of landing in the top ten searches? I have my doubts. This is a bizarre world.

9) Casserole Recipes
There are WAY too many housewives using the internet today. Please, I beg you not to throw all the ingredients in your pantry and refrigerator into one big dish and bake it all together. There has to be something better for dinner that that!

10) Tamiflu
What??? Here I go to Google again … and I have discovered it is a pill used to treat the flu or flu-like symptoms. Interesting as I may need this drug considering I boycott the flu shot every year because the one time I got one it gave me a full blown case of the flu. What’s the point? However, like “holiday movie guide” I can not laugh at individuals choosing to search for a drug. It’s always a good thing to check up on a pill before swallowing it simply because the doctor told you to do so.

Well, this has been your recap of the ten most searched items on Yahoo! today. Am I completely insane for already wondering what the rest of the week might bring? I might be crazy, but I bet you are thinking about checking on the list tomorrow too … just to see what pops up!

“Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life.” ~Andrew Brown

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