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Spoiler Alert: If you recorded Heroes last night and it is sitting comfortably hidden away and unwatched on your DVR/TiVo then I suggest you stop reading.


“There are new words now that excuse everybody. Give me the good old days of heroes and villains. The people you can bravo or hiss. There was a truth to them that all the slick credulity of today cannot touch.” ~Bette Davis

If you don’t know this already I am addicted to the television show ‘Heroes’ as it truly is about the best thing out there. And, after watching this particular finale I feel as though there are things that just have to be said. I could probably ramble on and on because there is a lot to vent about, but I will focus on character dissection at this point. Still, this promises to be rather lengthy.


You just have to love those teenage hormones! Sure! Let’s go public with your powers because that worked out so well for the X-Men. C’mon! I know you “lost” your dad and all that, but have some sense!

Unresolved: Is the Haitian nearby keeping an eye on her? Will Claire and West ever a have a déjà vu moment where they realize they have met before? (If this comment made you say, “Huh?” then you need to be reading the online graphic comics.)

Noah (AKA: Mr. Bennet)
Oooh! Me first!! A smirking, sassy locked up Mr. Bennet is fun to watch especially when he is playing on Elle's self-esteem.

Unresolved: I don’t think it was him that showed up alive and shocked the hell out of his family. Could Bob truly find a way to get Mr. Bennet to make a deal? This whole scene was just WAY too awkward which only reinforces that Noah may not be Noah. Scroll down to Candice for further details.

The Haitian
Where the hell is he? Just a thought.

In the beginning I thought West was going to have serious power trip issues. It appears I was wrong. Do we think he will walk away from Claire? I think not.

Unresolved: Where are this boy’s parents?

Candice (AKA: Michelle) Remember her??
I have held out for weeks that this master of illusions wasn’t stupid enough to actually turn her back on Sylar. My theory is that she allowed him to think that he killed her. I could be way off, but I think she was the one who showed up as Noah at the Bennet household with Bob.

Unresolved: Is she alive or dead? This is a woman who wouldn’t turn her back on a child (Micah) as he was trying to get away in Season One without setting up an illusion. Remember the doors he kept running through that all brought him back into the same space? Would she really let Sylar get the upper hand? If so, she deserves to be dead.


Why the hell did he show up to his apartment alone when he knew Sylar was there? Duh!

Unresolved: Beware of genius with no common sense!

Honestly? Does it take a child with locating abilities being unable to find your brother to discover that Sylar has done away with him? This girl is so stupid. I did a happy dance when Sylar shot her … and an unhappy dance when they brought her back from the dead. I’ve been ready for the demise of this brother and sister duo since the beginning. Honestly, what does Tim Kring think he’s going to do with her powers? I’ll tell you what he’s going to do … expect to see Maya be one of the first Sylar victims of Season 3.

Unresolved: If Maya and Alejandro (as twins) were so close to one another … how did she manage to learn flawless English without him? This has bugged me forever.

Last week I was convinced that Sylar was much spookier without his powers. We got to see him manipulate Maya with shear brilliance. Granted, she isn’t the sharpest tool in the box, but it was eerie watching him use his wits. Yes, Season 3 will have a Sylar with full powers returned. Are we surprised? I think not.

Unresolved: If Sylar shows up in Season 3 with the power to create illusions then I guess we have our answer on the Candice issue, huh?

Go figure it was sweet Molly who had to break the bad news to Maya and why didn’t they use her power to immediately track Sylar so Elle could give him a few more jolts? I guess it’s always better to sit around and marvel at being alive then catching the bad guy. I blame Mohinder.

Unresolved: I still have issues with Sylar showing up in Mohinder’s apartment and standing over the sleeping Molly. If he “convinced the nanny to take the night off” then that was one stupid nanny. There are strangers here and they want to stay with the young sleeping child … I think I’ll leave. If he killed said nanny then how did he do it without Maya finding out? It just makes no sense.


Here we have a character that wants to be “daddy’s girl” even more than our favorite Claire Bear. Obviously disturbed by Noah’s descriptions of how much she could take during testing as a kid she goes snooping for her file and sees Sylar with Mohinder & company. Hindered by a broker arm she takes off for Isaac’s loft (the site of the new lab) to take on Sylar alone. ALONE!

Unresolved: Like Noah and Claire, is she even Bob’s biological daughter? There is potential here for her to swing to the good side.

I’m not going to elaborate on Bob’s involvement, but he obviously doesn’t want Elle near Noah. I don’t blame him, especially if he was responsible for a series of brutal tests conducted on her as a child. Am I the only person on the planet that is irritated by the sound of his condescending voice? It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Unresolved: Here we are back at the power issue again? What are his?


Poor, poor Niki. Did she have to die just as we discovered that there was more than one multiple personality lurking around in her twisted brain? Out of all the boring people in the New Orleans storyline … why her and what was up with her surprise over Micah’s powers? No mother of the year award there.

Unresolved: Is she really dead? I still don’t think Multiple Personality Disorder can be considered a “power” so are all of her many selves actually affected by virus? Could she have resurrected a personality that somehow got her out of harms way?

I’ve been waiting for them to orphan Micah ever since we found out that D.L. was dead. Irritating? Yes, but I have always liked the idea that they gave the powers of a technopath to a kid, and he, like Hiro, is so earnest about being a REAL Hero.

Unresolved: The writers have GOT to do something with this kid quick.

See? This child actually has a pretty cool power. Explain to me how, after watching hours of Bruce Lee movies, she allowed herself to be abducted and tied up in a building about to be set on fire. Explain it. You can’t, can you?

Unresolved: Why hasn’t she spent every waking moment learning how to do new things? Duh!


The award for the two most irritating season finale scenes goes to Matt and the Petrelli brothers. 1st scene – Matt hitching a ride on Nathan in order to get to Odessa, TX. What? Did Nathan develop super strength along the way because Matt is not a small man? Dude! That was one awkward landing. 2nd scene – Matt & Peter’s little mental battle in the Primatech hallway. Was I the only one who laughed out loud?

Unresolved: How much brain power does it take for Matt to keep his father locked away in his own nightmare? It obviously isn’t affecting the rest of his mental capabilities.

Once a politician, always a politician … so why not assassinate him. Why does “going public” seem like such a good idea? Like father, like daughter I guess. I do love that he has no trust for his mother. Good man! Too bad his brother doesn’t seem to be that swift.

Unresolved: Who is going to break the news to Claire?

Mommy Dearest (AKA: Angela Patrelli)
She was willing to sacrifice Peter. That being said, did she order the hit on her other son? Probably.

Unresolved: Powers! What are they? This fact alone is driving me insane.


Alas! I think Tim Kring was trying to portray Peter as a tortured soul this season, but instead we have a character that personifies brainless eye candy … powerful, but stupid. Thank goodness for brotherly love, huh? (puke) Oh … and let us not forget that the season ended and his irritating little Irish girlfriend (Caitlin) is still trapped in the future only now she’s trapped in a future that won’t come to pass because the virus has been contained. Curious, very curious! In other news: will Nathan’s untimely death push Peter over the edge? I hope so. I’m waiting for him to go all Wolverine on somebody’s ass … well, without the claws.

Unresolved: Since Peter absorbed his healing ability from Claire (which had to have been reinforced with constant contact to Adam) does his blood have the same healing power or does it not because he wasn’t born with it? If so, will he realize it and bring Nathan back?

Adam (AKA: Takezo Kensei)
I’d love to call him a master manipulator, but eventually people find a way to see through his crap. Obviously manipulating Peter was no difficult task. Still, his comeuppance was poetic.

Unresolved: How does a man who can live forever get out of the coffin where he has been buried alive? If you don’t think he will find a way out then you are as brainless as Peter has been all season.

I am still so elated that Hiro is out of 1671 Japan! I adored his teleport induced broken conversation with Peter immensely. And, while he doesn’t kill Adam we do know that the punishment Hiro gives him is fabulous. What better way to punish a man that can live forever than by teleporting him into a coffin that is already buried? Touché. Why not make that coffin in the family burial plot in Japan as Adam killed your father? Poetic.

Unresolved: Do you think Hiro is going to eventually HAVE to kill somebody?

Greatest Volume 2 Quote
Hiro: "I must avenge my father's death and save the world."
Ando: "Why is saving the world always your responsibility?"

Well, I’m done venting. How do I feel about upcoming Volume 3?

Volume 3: Villains

BRING IT ON!! I know the title of the show is ‘Heroes’ but for two seasons it has been heavily hero laden. Personally, I hope they find a great, totally cheesy slogan. You have to admit, “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World!” was great. They never did find something this volume to rival it. Sigh.

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