Tarnished Halos

I recently had a quick and amusing Facebook conversation with a friend from my childhood regarding halos. He had posted something about a lost halo and, of course, I could not help myself and had to respond:

Me: “What halo? Your halo? Are you sure you had a halo to begin with?”

Him: “My halo is in a lock box hidden deep in the closet. It is closely guarded, but I do have a friend or two who I wonder how they got the halo's they sport! I was just taking a jab at a good friend of mine. She claimed to have a halo and I swear it was stolen.”

Me: “Yes, well, my halo (if ever there was one) fell from its precarious perch a long, long time ago! :o)”

Him: “I think we dented our halos together a few times back in high school and college! So I know you had one at one point.”

As the children of missionaries, we were often expected to be perfect, halo-wearing kids. Excuse me while I pause for a bout of snorting laughter. I don’t know about my friend because he is generally a really great guy. Nice. Nice is the word to describe him. Yes, we had our share of adventures together (as indicated in his response), but I don’t know if he came out of the womb the blatant instigator that I did … thus my comment on if my halo ever existed in the first place.

If ever there was one it has long since been tarnished – or broken. Should I list the number of infractions of which I am fully guilty? I think not. The list is long and varied and leads more to more then simple tarnishing. The word “shattering” comes to mind.

In truth, I may jest about halos, but we as humans are incapable of bearing such a glory. It is in the essence of the human character to be fallible. Of course, the Bible teaches us that angelic beings are not exempt from losing their halos either. Does the name ‘Lucifer’ ring a bell? You know … Satan! He was once an angel. Bloody Hell (no pun intended), but if an angel can lose his halo, how can any human hope to maintain one (and don’t get me started on those “perfect” individuals who pompously strut as though wearing a halo)?

We can not attain perfection, but we can strive – and that is all that is asked of us.

“Be aware that a halo has to fall only a few inches to be a noose.” ~Dan McKinnon


  1. "Should I list the number of infractions of which I am fully guilty?" Yes, please.


"Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me? And why should I not speak to you?" ~Walt Whitman


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