“Writing is easy: All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.” ~Gene Fowler, journalist

I am in some sort of personal funk and it is affecting my ability to write. In the beginning my poetry benefited, but the creative spark seems to have diminished there as well. What does one do in cases of severe writer’s block? This is a new for me. In addition to my blog and my poetry … I also journal regularly. I haven’t even done that this week.

I have a new, dear friend in Scotland who has sent me a couple of poetry prompts to try and help pull me from my rut. “Let us write a poem together,” he says. I am sent two lines. Amazingly … I managed two lines of my own and sent it back to him. My lines did not come easy to me and I am still trying to determine if they are even print worthy. I think my perception of my own ability is lacking.

What say you?

“The freedom to create is somehow linked with facility of access to those obscure regions below the conscious mind.” ~Loren Eiseley, anthropologist


  1. I can't comment on your poetry because I am not into poetry much and if I were, I have different expectations of what poetry is. Now there's honest for you!

    And I can't comment on your writer's block either - surely it doesn't count when your livelihood doesn't depend on it?

    It's the personal funk that matters. I was invited recently to join an on-line club called "The Centre for the Lion-Hearted" - the idea being if you can be courageous, then you can do anything. To which I think - no way! I trust my own fear, just as I don't go bunjee-jumping each weekend and bicycling on cliff-edges. Indeed I am too chicken to bicycle in an ordinary road. But I am still alive you see, and so are you.

    That is what counts. That is what say I. Obey the funk, that is to say, be yourself. Perception of your own ability? What is that? You have aesthetic appreciation. that is what matters, so you can be your own just critic.

    But also it is for you in the first instance to have an awareness of your own greatness. That helps. don't expect anyone else to see it first. You are nearer. You know the greatness of the poem you haven't yet written, the creative spark that hasn't yet caught the tinder and made it first smoulder then burst into flame.

    That funk is the underground germination, perhaps, or the secret fertilization of sperm and egg, literal or metaphorical. Or you are slightly out of sorts, the weather, subconscious anxieties that interfere with your routines. the list is endless.

    But this must end. remember the greatness.

  2. It is the funk that matters. 'Tis a deep one. I'll get it worked out.

  3. When in funk, write funk. Make funk pay for being there, muse the funk and put it to work, funk it around a bit, just treat it badly and get all you can out of it, don't succumb, rule. When I painted with plenty, a funk meant work, meant inspiration, meant production, and surprise surprise, many can identify.


"Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me? And why should I not speak to you?" ~Walt Whitman


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