Only the Lonely

I think (actually, I’m pretty darn sure) that I have located the source of my self-diagnosed funk. I assumed that it was highly weather related as it has been incredibly cold and gloomy and just plain “icky” outside. I am never well in such cruddy circumstances. Well, no – that isn’t it. Of course not. My solutions could not possibly be that simple. Stupid bloody emotions.

It begins. What is “it” exactly? Well, I have come to the realization that I am beginning to have a wee bit of a yearning for companionship. That is not to say that I have to find myself a man in the immediate future (although the inkling for that sort of attention is creeping in as well) … this can be applied mostly to local friendships. Here, I am surrounded by acquaintances. Friends? True Friendships? Not so much.

My closest friends, like many others who grew up overseas, are scattered from one end of this planet to the other. Yes, the internet has drawn us even closer together but sometimes a girl needs someone to talk to in person: face-to face … not just over the phone or through Facebook messages or on instant messenger. I hate to think that my entire social life resides within this box that is conveniently connected to the internet. Crap! It does.

“The first half of life is spent mainly in finding out who we are through seeing ourselves in our interaction with others.” ~Dr. June Singer

Seeing as I am self-diagnosed, I guess I’ll have to handle my own prescription as well. I hereby resolve to go out at least twice a month (starting slow) … not to the movies or some other such isolated place, but to a place where there are people (not business related) and conversation is imminent. This should help solve some of the hunger pains the people-person inside me has been experiencing. At this point, I am grateful for my recent business trip out of town as I believe it was this excursion that brought this realization to light. How I could forget how much I feed off of interaction with other people is beyond me, but forget I must have done.

Here we go! This won't be as easy as it sounds in this small town where I live, but here we go anyway!

“We're all lonely for something we don't know we're lonely for.” ~Unknown


  1. Enjoy yourself Beth, talk and talk and walk and walk. Let Spirit lose in all the ways of being, don't confine Her, trust Her.

  2. "Don't confine her." I like that! Thanks ... as always!

  3. In the short time i've been here i saw you as someone with a very active social life (life of the party).
    All the best in your new venture.

  4. Yes candybox ... prior to my failed marriage I was exactlyt that - the center of attention. It's not so easy being single now with 2 little ones. I have to hold back in order to not make stupid decisions. We will see, won't we?


"Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me? And why should I not speak to you?" ~Walt Whitman


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