I have come to the conclusion that my subjective account of my motivation is largely mythical on almost all occasions. I don't know why I do things. ~J.B.S. Haldane

What motivates you?

I find myself incredibly unmotivated lately. As the quote above states, “I don’t know why I do things.” I really don’t … with the exception of my work. I show up at my place of employment each day because I have to work. If I don’t work then I don’t get paid and that just is not acceptable to me. Oh – I like what I do well enough, but that isn’t what motivates me to be here.

I feel as though I am in limbo … stuck between what has been and what is to come. I should probably make some sort of checklist regarding my future and, based on my attitude over the last couple of days, number one on the list would have to be: “Motivate self to do something … anything … toward changing current course of life.” Nice thought. I wonder if I can motivate myself to make such a list.


  1. No, no lists! It must start with the body's own intelligence, which includes what some would call spirit and even God. Allow expression to the inner and as yet unknown self!

  2. Hi there!

    Well self motivation is very necessary as per the human guidelines and we have to go on this path. As life is based on struggle and hard work with so much of burden.

    So, never stop dreaming but work hard to achieve the dreams.

    Will appreciate your quotes and wishes as i am participating in a contest seocontest2008.

  3. ok vincent ... no lists! :o)

    thanks amit .. will swing by your site.

  4. There are times in life, like perhaps this time in yours (based on your other posts and your present responsibilities), when living up to your circumstantial needs is a huge thing, I went thru this, and it takes all energies and attentions. Don't fault yourself for the lack of other motivations, you will be proud in the future that you lived up to your obligations with all your powers, I speak that from experience.

    My long period of raising some kids kept me from achieving personal goals. Now I am older and have no regrets for that time used so needfully. Even without a word of thanks from kids or anyothers, I would be proud and pleased that I did it that way, best as I could.

    Also later in life, the fact that you did it without much that you seemed to need, money, better car, better house, more time, etc, all these will add to your realization of your own prowess, how you did the best you could with what God gave you in that time.

    In your list, the last is probably the most essential, do the best you can and don't worry about the rest so much, for your own health and also for those around you, but you probably really do that, know that and provide a pleasant atmosphere, that is really the reason for not worrying past your powers to do things.

    Pardon me for the wordiness and for encroaching on your turf, I just was reminded of so much by your several posts here.

  5. Ah jim ... no apologies needed for "encroaching on my turf." You know your comments are welcomed regardless of length or wordiness!


"Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me? And why should I not speak to you?" ~Walt Whitman


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