Oh wretched day of sappiness ...


Here is the blog. I wrote in 2007 regarding Valentine’s Day. If you commented on it then please refrain from doing so again! However, I have added a tidbit to the end that is incredibly pertinent to today and one more reason for me to be irritated by this silly day.


Since about the age of 16 . . . I have abhorred the day we "celebrate" as St. Valentine's Day. At first, I guess, there was really no reason for it except that I've always disliked things that are over-commercialized. In fact, I had a boyfriend that year . . . and at 17 . . . and at 18 . . . and at 19 . . . and then I was married by 20 . . . so this will be the first year in 16 years that I've spent Valentine's day without someone I loved or who held my complete infatuation. The men at those various stages of my life were rather attentive too - so I couldn't complain there. Honestly, I simply hate the entire concept of the day as a whole.

This isn't the only "holiday" I dislike quite vehemently. See my blog for Thanksgiving 2006 if you have any questions about my feelings for THAT particular day.

Let me just go on the record . . .


I don't care if it is romantic love, or paternal love, or agape love, or sexual love, or puppy love, or platonic love, or passionate love, or committed love, etc. - we shouldn't have to be reminded to love one another. It's silly. The entire day is silly. Making our kids fill out Valentines at the age of 6 is silly.

Granted, I'm not a very mushy type woman anyway. Well, not to the general public. I have my moments of sappiness . . . but I don't saturate my life with it. It is now 2 days before the dreaded day of Cupid and I have to remind myself not to puke every time I go into a store and and get visually bombarded with floor to ceiling pink and red . . . cards . . . stuffed animals . . . cakes . . . cupcakes . . . balloons . . . chocolates . . . ugh! Commercialism!!

And could somebody please . . . PLEASE . . . explain the nationwide infatuation with the nasty, chalky, candy hearts with all the sappy sayings??

If you love Valentine's Day . . . good for you. Just don't try and force it on me because I'm not buyin'. I will, however, include a few quotes of love this week. That is as close to being "in the spirit" I am going to get. For the record . . . I would happily include love quotes in my blog ANY day of the year.

Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties. - Jules Renard

Love may not make the world go round, but I must admit that it makes the ride worthwhile. - Sean Connery

Never judge someone by who he's in love with; judge him by his friends. People fall in love with the most appalling people. Take a cool, appraising glance at his pals. - Cynthia Heimel

If music be the food of love, play on. - William Shakespeare

Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be. - Robert Browning

Love is the enchanted dawn of every heart. - Lamartine


OK then, back to the present!

Now … one more reason for me to hate this day (or at least not look forward to it):

As if I have ever cared for Valentine’s Day (Close friends can vouch that I have never given it much notice or care as does the blog entry above. I had a friend in college who used to honor my dislike of the holiday by sending me candy with black balloons or black flowers. Brilliant! Wow – I miss those gifts) … I now have another reason to boycott the proceeding all together.

I am sure you are probably wondering, “What reason?” Do not fret, I am about to tell you: Parent Teacher Conferences.


Yes, those semi-annual events that often creep up without warning and require the presence of the parents of school age children at the appropriate school for each child to discuss how the child is doing in school. This year, these conferences are scheduled on Valentine’s Day. Idiot school board planning committee or whoever is responsible. I am sure you are wondering why this would bother me if I do not have plans on said day to begin with (as I usually do not). Well, for parent-teacher conferences to be fully effective the presence of the parents … BOTH parents … are required. Get it yet? No?

Let me enlighten you:

This means that I will have to spend some portion of Valentine’s Day with my ex-husband!

Nice, huh?

Bloody awful holiday.


  1. Yeah... those are a blast even when they don't happen on VD.

    Oh! - VD, lol...

    Anyway, as a school counselor, I'd have to meet from time to time with separated/divorced parents concerning their child. The atmosphere could be a little tense...

  2. I suspect VD is not about love at all. But lust. Reproduction. That is all. Any other twisting is just selling red heart shaped things (which are actually not shaped like real hearts... but I digress.)

    If you need it, carry on. Real love, of any flavor, does not.

    I just think of it as Half-Price Chocolate Day Eve.

  3. paul ~ Yes, well ... the ex has the flu so I think I got a reprieve! :o)

    z ~ I will hereby and forever refer to VDay as "Half-Price Chocolate Eve Day." Thank you!

  4. Well, I grumpily expressed similar views to my beloved this morning at breakfast, more or less to manage any expectations downwards, & pointed out that the flowers I bought two days ago were in an extra big bunch and we show our affection in spontaneous ways every day, more or less . . .

    She listened patiently and sighed "Yes dear." And then I said, "Have you got anything nice in mind for me?"

    At which point I thought it was nice, it was an excuse to mutually indulge. So I got a small box of chocolates and she suggested I pick her up from work and we could have lunch. So we did that.

    So really, it was not anything to grumble about after all and there were no losers.

    And I hope you got what you wanted too.

  5. Absolutely love the quote by Jules Renard and will definately use it the near future when my more mushy pals bring up the topic of love.

  6. Nothing more than a marketing concept. But then in this increasingly dumbed-down world we all LOVE mindless consumerism, don't we?


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