Look Into Mine Eyes

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul.” ~Yiddish Proverb

Well, if the eyes are truly the mirror of the soul then I have a recurring dilemma regarding how I appear through other people’s eyes.

It started when I was sixteen. I was sitting in the main office of my
high school my first day back on campus after a one year stay in the States. I was going into my junior year. Next to me sat a student I had never seen before and I assumed she was new to campus. I assumed correctly. I greeted her. We talked. Our mothers talked. Then, she went to unpack and settle into her dorm room. Me? I went in search of old friends. I became rather good friends with that particular individual and she was in my grade so we ended up graduating together. It was near the end of our senior year when, in some random discussion, she mentioned meeting me for the first time and being terrified of me. What? She went on to tell me, “It is your eyes. If you are not smiling then you look as though you are mad at the world. I was completely intimidated by you.” I have heard absolutely every single variation of those three sentences more times then I can count in the sixteen years since it was first brought to my attention. I have been told that my eyes, when not backed by a smile, make me look: angry, frustrated, standoffish, irritated, conceited, unapproachable, and more – the list goes on and on. I heard it again today from a coworker who is employed in the lodge kitchens. “Don’t come back here looking all mad at the world,” he said. “You need to smile more often.”

My eyes are surprisingly feline. They have a distinctive cat shape and are an interesting shade of green with striking shots of gold scattered around the pupil. I quite like them. Perhaps I can understand the misconception as most cats sit around looking at the world with a complete air of disdain. Personally – I like to think that I am a rather amiable individual … easy to talk to … glad to meet new people … and, often, overly friendly and talkative at times, but not intimidating. What say you those who know me well?

Here’s the rub: I can not possibly walk around this earth every single day of my life with a real or false smile plastered across my face. The thought of behaving as such is made more difficult by the simple fact that I am extremely self-conscious about my teeth. Honestly though – I know no individual of my acquaintance that looks blissfully happy and grins from ear-to-ear every moment of their existence. It isn’t human.

So, my dear friends and readers, if we should one day meet (if we have not already done so) … please do not judge me by my unsmiling eyes.

“You never know how you look through other people's eyes.” ~Unknown


  1. People who make comments like that assume they know what others are thinking, and are therefore useless and self centered. Bugger'em.

  2. I have a similar experience. Ever since high school I have had people comment on the confidence I project which is always news to me. While that might be what they see on the outside, there is still just a terrified little boy on the inside.

  3. z ~ Very true!

    phantom ~ I'm not surprised that you exude an air of confidence. Still, I think everyone has a bit of the frightened child left in them about something.

  4. Don't know you 'well' but know what I know....Lion, Lioness, eyes have no gender, not deep, they are direct non-gender soul ports, looking out at a world with one of two perspectives,

    much to do, and very serious and involved in the invisible, all the time, and this does not mean they are into others' business or thoughts, but they are definitely into their own, to me, most children are like this until 'taught' different, or,

    unaware of that, and busy in this world with conscious realities outside the soulful business.

    Lions see the invisible of themselves, in that, awareness past the surface is real, knowing them, they are beautiful.

    Just an opinion, everyone has theirs.

  5. Ha, that's a problem I wish I had. I've been called every variation of come-hither (sexy, bedroom...) eyes since I was a kid and it may not seem too bad but it was a bit nerve-wracking for a ten year old to be called that by gaggle of towering 14 yr old girls.

  6. Well... keep smiling.... you don't have to grin to smile at the world:)

  7. kk - I will! What are you doing today ... catching up on everything I've ever written?

  8. Yeah...you can give a look that kills.... I've seen it. LOL! ;)

  9. Hard to do... you do write a lot:)

  10. Oh yeah... I have this same problem. I don't know if it's my eyes that do it or my mouth, but I have people tell me all the time, "Smile! It's not so bad!"


"Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me? And why should I not speak to you?" ~Walt Whitman


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