Weathering the Weather

“Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold,
Or whether the weather be hot,
We'll weather the weather
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not.”


Denial works … well, in this case it did. Wait, let me back up.

Yesterday morning I rose to find everyone in my acquaintance in a tizzy about the fact that we were going to get hit with a winter storm: rare in Southern Arkansas, rare in March and well … just rare. I entered into a state of immediate denial upon hearing the news. I hate snow. I hate cold. It was bad enough the temperatures were hovering around 40ºF. That, to my equatorial blood stream, is way too cold. This is how my thought processes progressed based on weather reports throughout the day.

0800 – Winter Storm Warning
Warning … as in, it is happening. Temperatures are above freezing, there is not precipitation … DENIAL.

1200 – 2” to 4” Snowfall Prediction; Winter Storm Warning
Yeah – sure, why not … seeing as it is still above freezing and there is nothing falling from the sky – not even a raindrop. DENIAL.

1400 – 4” to 6” Snowfall Prediction; Winter Storm Warning
Right, that’s going to happen. I mouth off to coworkers about how nothing is going to happen. It can’t. I’m in DENIAL.

1700 – 6” to 12” Snowfall Prediction; Winter Storm Warning
Wow! Optimistic, aren’t they? There is no way Arkadelphia, AR is going to get a foot of snow. I resolve to go in the apartment and not look at the weather report or out the windows until LOST (fabulous episode last night) is over. DENIAL.

2200 – 6” to 12” Snowfall Prediction; Winter Storm Warning
It’s raining. Raining. It is 10:00 at night and the temperature still hasn’t dropped enough for this rain to turn to snow. It’s not going to happen. I kept telling everyone it wouldn’t happen, but nobody listens to me. I’m going to bed as I will have to work tomorrow because there will be no snow. DENIAL.

Sleep time.

0600 – Winter Storm Warning
Why? The alarm goes off. I look outside and it is …. wet. No snow. Duh – I told you. DENIAL WORKS!

(The “experts” still believe we may get 2” to 4” before the end of the day. Idiots. It’s just not going to happen.)


  1. Spend a year in Northern New England, or North Dakota, or Buffalo. You will never mind your wimpy winters ever again.

    I hate years without winter. Feels incomplete, like a story without any conflict.

    Good for the soul.

  2. No, no, no! I need to move back to the equator where it is nice and hot and the sun rises at 7am and sets at 7pm all year!

  3. ROTFLOL. Can't stand winter either. Every November i swear blind i'm moving back to Kenya.

  4. Amen to warm weather, even somewhat hot will do.

    PS: I am so pleased to know you Kenyans. Thanks for the great pleasure of your company no matter how occassional, no matter what the weather!


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