How was my weekend? Thanks for asking! Let me tell you:

Friday Night
1. Pick up my dudes from school
2. Drive 30 minutes to Hot Springs (closest movie theater)
3. Catch last matinee of ‘Prince Caspian’
4. Impromptu dinner at IHOP (International House of Pancakes)
5. Drive 30 minutes back home
6. Watch ‘Moonlight’ with oldest child
7. Sleep

1. Nothing. Seriously. I was a total slug (minus the slime and aversion to salt).

1. Awaken much earlier then God intended for mankind
2. Drive 4 hours to Dallas, TX with youngest child and fellow futbol fanatic
3. Lunch at random Latin grill (name escapes me at moment)
4. Hanging out at Pizza Hut Park (FC Dallas home stadium) in 95ºF heat for an hour and a half people watching and taking pictures during team warm ups
5. Absolutely RELIGIOUS experience at MLS (Major League Soccer) match watching LA Galaxy thrash FC Dallas

"FRISCO, Texas -- Edson Buddle scored two goals in a four-goal burst in 15 minutes in the first half, then completed his hat trick with a late finale as the Los Angeles Galaxy routed FC Dallas 5-1 at Pizza Hut Park on Sunday afternoon." ~Steve Hunt, MLSnet.comStaff (Fully Story)

6. Drive 4 hours home with scorching sunburn vowing to throw out the sunscreen that obviously had no purpose
7. Crash … as in sleep

How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like fun... and I was just about to ask your weekend too:)

  2. Interesting to hear you refer to sports and religious experience, even if you may have just been kidding. At its best, I think sports really can be inspirational.

  3. kk ~ It was fun. Of course - I have really wanted to see Beckham play live since his days back on ManU. So happy!

    paul ~ 'Twas not a joke. Merely an over-exaggeration to indicate how awesome it was for me ... could have likened it to the phrase 'heaven on earth' and achieved the same effect.

  4. Sounds great - tiring but great. You sound like a cool mom.

  5. Indeed Lisa, it was a tad tiring. As for being a cool mom ... well, I have really, really awesome kids and they are coming into ages (8 and 1 month shy of 13) that make being "the cool mom" a lot easier. If I'm cool ... it is because they make me that way.

  6. FYI: FC Dallas fired head coach Morrow on Tuesday ... 2 days after the 5-1 home game loss to LA Galaxy that Kyle and I attended.

    OH! And ... ManU beat Chelsea (via penalties) to take the European Cup AGAIN! Woo hoo! Okay ... enough futbol from me for one day! :o)


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