Dark Frontier or New World?

“The more we all know about each other, the greater the chance we will survive.” ~Meet Joe Black, Film (1998)

Earth is shrinking. I am not referencing the actual mass and density and other useless helpful scientific points of data … although I am quite sure with shifting continental plates and melting ice caps that there are likely some weird things happening on that front as well. Technology has made this planet a much, much smaller place. We have witnessed this astoundingly quick progression in the art of communication. Telegraph. Telephone. Television. Computer. Cell Phone. Internet. Email. Instant Message. Text Message. Skype. Please, no over-analyzing my list or the order in which it was presented – I am merely attempting to make a point: Earth is shrinking.

Shrinking! We, the human race, through these advances in communication as well as through more extensive travel and education, are getting to actually KNOW one another. How many individuals do you “know” through the World Wide Web but have never met face-to-face? Can you even count? We are spreading from continent to continent and integrating cultures and creating new societies. The rules are changing. Based on these truths, I feel as though I should have hope. As someone who desperately longs for the quintessential cliché pageant girl expectation of WORLD PEACE, I want to have hope that understanding and tolerance are finally beginning to make their way from person to person and city to city and country to country and culture to culture. And yet …. *sigh*

Riddle me this: Why does it seem that IGNORANCE is actually growing world wide with the speed and intensity of a deadly air born virus? It is a plague. How is this possible? Should not the growth in knowledge and education be reversing this trend? Am I a total loon for thinking that prejudice might one day become a thing of the past?

I know I am a sci-fi junkie, but will it really take an apocalyptic World War III and the rebuilding of life and technology (or the discovery of the warp drive) after such an event before we humans and our man-made governments figure out that we would all be better off if we were to accept that we really are one race.

We are flesh and blood. We are capable of independent thought. We have a highly developed brain capable of language and emotion and reason. We create through music and art and literature. We feel with our fingers and our hearts. We dance. We are curious. Dang it, we have opposable thumbs. We are all one in the same.


“Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And we are all mortal.” ~John F. Kennedy, 35th US President


  1. Intelligence has it's limits.

    Stupidity is boundless.

  2. "pageant girl expectation of WORLD PEACE"...

    What a great sentence. LOL! And I'm with you sister. I eagerly anticipate a time of peace. But do you really think it's getting worse? I feel like it's WAY better than it was in the 60's and 70's.

  3. z ~ Stupidity doth overflow.

    m ~ Possibly. Perhaps there are fewer who openly exhibit prejudice. But, for those who are ... it seems as though the hatred is deepening and becoming more dangerous than before.

  4. "As long as we are human, let us act humane."

    Seneca, Roman philosopher during the reign of the cruel Emperor Nero.

    Perhaps I'm feeling a bit more cynical today than usual with the death of George Carlin, one of our truth-tellers in an age of pervasive propaganda. He defended free speech, clear thinking, and simple honesty.

    Yet I remain convinced that - despite the growth of violent, religious fanaticism claiming divine sanction to commit murder and impose theological nonsense - that education and enlightenment will win. Why? Because freedom is so much more interesting, vital, and creative than 7th century bigotry.

  5. eric ~ I have that hope as well. Good to see you again!


"Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me? And why should I not speak to you?" ~Walt Whitman


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