Monday Mosaic #2 - Karibuni!

“Once in a while you have to take a break and visit yourself.” ~Audrey Giorgi, Author

Hey! Why don’t you come over to my apartment for a wee bit of a virtual visit? Take a moment and I’ll give you quick tour starting at the top left corner and working our through. I hope you enjoy your little peek into my madness.

Karibuni (Welcome)!

*Click on the picture to view full size.*

1. What better place to start then in the bedroom. This is my Moroccan style, haremesque bedspread and one of the many jewel toned pillows. I quite adore the colors.

2. Shakespeare! I am guessing there is no shock and surprise in discovering that I have a stack of books relating to The Bard in my place. Yes, there happen to be two volumes of his complete works in that stack. What? One wasn’t enough. I really do need two. I do. Sort of. Maybe. Truthfully, I used to have four and decided maybe I was getting a bit obsessive. I gave away two copies. Book dealing again. I can’t help it.

3. My kids! My guys! My dudes! The bigger of the photographs is the littlest and his official photo for Arkadelphia Soccer League. The smaller picture is the eldest and his official cross-country portrait.

4. Baby Jesus and entourage have taken up residence on the windowsill in my living room. I used to just pull out this hand carved nativity only at Christmas but decided to keep it around for the long haul.

5. DVDs – Trust me, this random snapshot of movies is a mere drop in the bucket. I have more … many, many more and right now they are all in terrible need of their own piece of furniture to call home where I can alphabetize the lot and stop losing my mind every time I go looking for a specific film.

6. Globe lamp. Globe “piggy” pank. Globe pencil sharpener. Globe … well, the little one is just a globe. I have mentioned before that I collect them ... here is some proof. Somewhere else in the room is a pair of globe salt & pepper shakers. Crazy, huh?

7. Everyone needs a little art. Me? I like being able to see Mount Kenya every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to sleep. It makes it all feel just a teeny bit more like home.

8. We’ll call this the “proof I went to university” shelf. With the exception of 'The Dark Ages' book … those are all textbooks. Why do I still have them? Why not? Actually, I think 'The Dark Ages' is a textbook too. I bought it at a used book store though. It wasn't used for school. Yes, I really am that geeky.

9. 1991, Christmas present. This is a hand carved, brass embellished Arab chest that I absolutely adore although it is in terrible need of some tender loving care. Usually, I oil the wood and polish the brass more often. It has been a while. It now calls out to me through this picture. Dang it. Take a seat. I’ll be right back.

Okay! Arab chest is now polished and pretty. On we go …

10. Does anyone else think that coffee mugs breed when on a kitchen shelf behind cabinetry doors? I do. So, I purged. Now they hang on this nifty coffee mug tree and live on top of my refrigerator so I can monitor their naughty behavior and not end up with an excessive abundance of mugs.

11. Anyone for a board game? Believe you me - I wish these were all the board games I owned. Nope. This isn’t even half. The crazy dudes and I play a heck of a lot of board games. You are most welcome to join us. Only one warning: You have to keep an eye on the eldest child. He’s crafty!

12. This looks completely out of place in my home now that the photograph is side-by-side with all my other stuff. “What IS it?” you ask. This … is my shower curtain. Moving on.

13. The Highlands of British East Africa: Winter Home for Aristocrats. This cloth wall hanging is replicated from an actual colony-era promotional poster. It has always made me laugh. One … it just seems so ridiculous. Two … if you look closely there are tons of animals and snakes and the like climbing into and out of this train while it is stopped at a station. Oh yeah --- what brilliant marketing minds came up with that concept? Were
The Maneaters of Tsavo not enough?

14. Let me see … Emerson, Dana, Marlowe, Shakespeare (more), and Sophocles live on this wall mounted shelf with one of a pair of gilded hemisphere maps in the background. More books. More globe-like items. Do you see a theme yet?

15. Refrigerator hodge-podge. I keep thinking that someday I am going to be rid of all the stuff stuck to the ice box. It keeps not happening. Honestly, it is the best place to stick reminders although there is nothing quite so essential in this particular photograph. Somehow I neglected to get one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle magnets in the photograph. Odd.

16. I couldn’t possibly have artwork of Mount Kenya alone. Kilimanjaro would get jealous. This painting has taken up residence on the opposing wall from Mount Kenya. It is quite a bit larger and features giraffes.

About both paintings: My maternal grandfather made two trips to Kenya in the early 70’s. Obviously he purchased some artwork while he was there (or he was storing them for my parents who had purchased them at some point). He died last year and both oil paintings were located in his attic. I am honored to be the recipient of said artwork.

17. More movies … stuck in the VHS time warp. They live on a shelf in the hall closet (shockingly alphabetized) and, no surprise, there are more and more and more.

18. Eldest child’s astronomical bedspread. He is completely into the stars and the planets. There are two solar system models hanging from the ceiling as well. I took pictures, but they fell victim to editing ... as did the picture of my Coca-Cola bottle carved out of ebony.

19. Seeing as child #1 loves the stars and the planets … this is the star chart marking the location of the star that I named after him for Christmas a few years ago. The ‘Orb of Coinneach’ is its official title and it sparkles away near the Gemini constellation. If you knew my child well you would know that I simply could not assign a moniker like “Big K’s Star” to this particular celestial body. Too boring. It took me quite some time to come up with ‘The Orb of Coinneach’ but the Taggard name is of Scottish heritage. There you go.

20. Yet another wall mounted shelf with books, candles and a couple of fake (adviseable in my care) Bird of Paradise blooms. The books are an
Arthurian series … yet another historical type addiction of mine. I have no idea how many novels I have that touch on this very subject.

21. Are you tired of all my books yet? You’ve only seen a glimpse. Believe me.

“Books are the carriers of civilization. Without books, history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill.” ~Henry David Thoreau, US Author

22. One corner of the kitchen window sports an aloe plant (a real one - because burns happen in the kitchen ...) and an empty wine bottle (because my kitchen décor is that of grapes and vineyards and such).

23. There are numerous shelves in my house that desperately needs some organization. This is just one of those. There are books, photographs, a jewelery chest, movies, disposable cameras … who knows what is on this shelf. For that matter, I find myself curious as to what could possibly be on those cameras now that I know they are there.

24. Standing globe. This is the one the boys use for reference since it is large and easily accessible. It happens to have been a Mother’s Day gift from my ex-husband. It is one of the few gifts I have kept.

25. Yearbooks! Don’t read the dates. They aren’t in order either. If you haven’t figured it out - I’m obviously not obsessive compulsive.

26. Shelf of Sanity!!!

27. Word nerd puzzles. The brain needs practice. Well, my brain needs practice.

28. Framed photographs (2 Cheetah, 1 Leopard) that live … sadly … on the floor behind the front door to my apartment. Yes, on the floor and leaning up against the wall. They have been there forever and I don’t think they will be moved any time soon. Um, the black and white one … yeah – that’s mine … as in I drew it.

29. Have I mentioned that I write? I had to crop the photograph, but I think there were six … maybe seven … journal type books in this picture. Not one of them is completely full yet. Those that have been filled completely have a home of their own. Typing is not my only medium.

30. I saved this one for last because you KNOW that every person on the planet needs a big brass bowl full of carved and painted wood fruits and vegetables. You know they do. Everyone. Aren’t you jealous?

There you go … a little voyeuristic peek into my life beyond just my words!


  1. *Whoosh*

    Nostalgia overload!

    p.s. I totally read the dates on those yearbooks. You're not particularly old or anything like that.

    *runs & hides*

  2. Now I feel I have visited your house, and whilst I was waiting for you to come back out of the kitchen, I snooped at your bookshelves and other places to discover what makes you tick, and found out lots.

    Thanks Beth! I didn't get to taste your cooking or give you a chaste kiss on the cheek but it was nice anyhow.

  3. vincent ~ Ah! You know you are always welcome. Our lives and our homes are revolving doors for those that come into and out of our lives!

  4. A lovely montage of your life - cleverly done.

  5. Having been upbraided by the best recently and plentifully, I just simply want to say, darn, I forgot what I wanted to say, well perhaps another time, but let's not wait too long, lol, after all, it took the spanish 44 years to gain their triumph.

  6. Your "shelf of sanity" needs updating. They've just locked up the boss of Nairobi Java House for being a paedophile! - You need to get that coffee straight OFF those shelves honey :)

  7. minx ~ I had fun with it. Thank you for the visit!

    jim ~ It will come to you. Maybe!

    mzungu chick ~ Ai ya ya!!! Really? *shudder*

  8. if that's madness .. lords of whatever sensibility exist; preserve me from the "sane".

  9. How fun to go snooping through your forgot the medicine cabinet though!

  10. davo ~ We should all hope to be preserved from "sanity".

    susan ~ Neglected on purpose ... the medicine cabinet. No one deserves to see that mess! Yikes! Thanks for the visit!

  11. What a treat.
    And I can actually read the titles of the books and DVD's. (I love seeing what other people have on their bookshelves) thanks heartgirl.
    I want to visit the Highlands of British East Africa because of the snakes and creatures depicted.

  12. goatman ~ Good to see you! It has been a while. Should you visit the Highlands of British East Africa ... it will change your life! :o)


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