It is Friday the Thirteenth. “Woo Hoo!” I say.

I chose “13” as my lucky number back in high school. I am quite sure it had something to do with going against the grain. It was even the number on my basketball jersey. Superstitions are a load of irrational crap and I usually find some random reason to celebrate on this day. Not so much today. This particular number has a completely different meaning to me this day … this month … this year. It has a more ominous relevance than usual. Why? In three days my oldest child will turn (*gulp*) thirteen. THIRTEEN!!!

“Thirteen is embarrassed by the beginnings of a new colthood; the child becomes a youth. But twelve is the very top of boyhood.” ~Booth Tarkinton, Penrod

I am about to be the mother of a teenager. What the hell was I thinking by procreating?? Alas! Well, in honor of my child’s progression into the teen years and my failing denial that the event is taking place, I will now present thirteen random thoughts about supposedly being a responsible adult in charge of two impressionable minds.

1. I wake up EVERY SINGLE MORNING and realize, “Oh my gosh! I’m a parent. I am in charge! How did this happen?” I toss and turn in bed for as long as I possibly can … knowing the exact minimum of time required to get all three of us out the door on time with some sort of food in our stomachs and clothing on our bodies. Yes, we usually have to rush. I hate mornings.

2. I once thought the whole “Motherhood Curse” was total bollocks. You know - “Some day you are going to have a child that is JUST LIKE YOU!!” I was also young and ignorant at the time. Stupid genetics.

3. Thankfully, I have kids that are really
funny, mad, witty, brilliant, musical, athletic, and fascinated by life.

4. I wish I could emulate my own
parents. They had to have issues with my brother and me … but they never showed it. They are awesome.

5. Bill Cosby was right. Children are
brain damaged.

6. Am I completely screwing them up?

7. Thank God I have boys. Thank God I have boys. Thank God I have boys. Thank God I have boys. Thank God I have boys. Thank God I have boys. Thank God I have boys. Thank God I have boys. Thank God I have boys. Thank God I have boys.

8. “One should always be ready to listen to one's children, even if they have nothing to say.” ~Chicken Little, Film (2005)

9. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever underestimate your kids. Learn something from them every single day.

10. I have learned to always make time to dance with my kids.


11. Confession: I never planned to be a mom. There was no defining moment where I decided to have children. They were not planned. Either one. And yet, they are my world.

12. The love I have for my children does not surprise me. The astounding amount of love they have for me … THAT I find humbling and wondrous.

13. “Sometimes we forget that children have just arrived on the earth. They are a little like aliens coming into being as bundles of energy and pure protection here on some kind of exploratory mission and they are just trying to learn what it means to be human.” ~The Martian Child, Film (2007)


  1. I'm perfectly certain that my mother, with her seven rowdy knights prancing about, has the exact opposite opinion on your number 7.

    You know that look of utter despair Gandalf gets in his eyes when he realises that's he's about to encounter the Balrog in the Mines of Moria? My poor mum sometimes walks around looking like that. Number 2 possibly keeps her going. :|

  2. You just referenced LOTR!! Still, I stand by #7 100%. Boys may be rowdy but girls are infinitely more high maintenance and I don't do high maintenance! :o)

  3. I'm glad I had a boy, too.

    Although you didn't plan motherhood, it looks like you took the ball, ran with it, and 13 years later, you're a champ!

  4. Thirteen huh! You wait he turns 20:)

  5. @bybee ~ You flatter! Thanks!

    @kk ~ Hey now ... no jumping that far into the future.

  6. @bybee ~ You flatter! Thanks!

    @kk ~ Hey now ... no jumping that far into the future.

  7. Dancing with your kids is simply one of the best things the universe has to offer. Truly.

    Happy 13!

    And congratulations Beth!

  8. @meaghan ~ Yes, it is. We are partial to "surfing" on the living room rug to The Beach Boys. Congrats?

  9. I'm not a LOTR fan; I'm THE LOTR fan. After ignoring them for years, I read them in an unconventional 2,3,1 order and have reread them several times since.

    I sometimes daydream about being one of the Rohirrim. :P

  10. @KK. 20 is not too bad; they're growing more mature. Now, the angst filled years of 16-18... *jaws soundtrack* ....

  11. Congrats for getting them this far!

    I wake up most mornings with the same feeling: "Who the hell put me in charge?" So, I advocate taking the opportunity to congratulate ourselves on the success of another year of motherhood successfully completed.

    And so, congrats!

  12. @meaghan ~ Thank you again! I have managed to get them this far. :o)

    @mo ma ~ Better late then never!!! Tolkien rules! I already confessed in my 100 random factoids that I think of myself as Eowyn. Too weird.

  13. Woohoo! You have both survived to puberty! I have 2 girls that are 14 months apart. My oldest turns 14 on Saturday, then about 8 weeks later my baby hits 13. It seems so strange sometimes. I hear that boys are harder as babies and easier as teenagers. I fear I shall never know.

    Anyway, I give you the secret handshake of the Motherhood Sisterhood and offer congratulations and further success.

  14. @blazing goddess ~ YES! I didn't kill him ... yet! :o) I accept your secret handshake of the Motherhood Sisterhood! Girls!! Wow ... I envy you not. You deserve much more praise and congratulations then I do! ;o)

  15. HI Beth, My Lucky # is thirteen, My Father was the 13th child and the only one to survived being born and to top that he was born on Friday the 13th. I had a great Dad and that makes 13 lucky to me. Also I have 2 sons and I thank God every day for giving me boys. As an add on THANK YOU for the encouragement on my blog. I'm enjoying yours. Oh and I agree with MO MA 16-18 is killer enjoy 13 while you can.

  16. Nothing better in all the world that one could do with a life, children are the essence of love itself, the entrance into the higher dimensions of reality, no matter the expense involved, they are worth everything of value!


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