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“The last thing to age in somebody is their heart." ~Rocky Balboa, Film (2006)

I do not mind aging. Really. I tell people my age (33) with no reservations and I make no attempt at pretending to be younger. Age is relative. Think young, be young. Still, I can not deny that I am getting older and in general I really, truly do not mind … or even think about the concept too much. It happens to be one of the few things in life that I do not overanalyze. In all likelihood, the fact that I grew up in a society where elders are still revered probably has something to do with my mentality. I have a few signs that I am aging, laugh lines and that sort of thing, but for the most part I have had few outward symptoms … until …

I had heartburn last night. Of course, having never suffered from actual heartburn before, I could have been having a heart attack and not known the difference. Scary thought that. As I am alive and kicking this morning we will assume that my self diagnosis yesterday eve was accurate. Guess who has no heartburn medication/antacid in her home? Me. That’s who.

I digress. I'm so good at that.

My point is that I am willing to tackle almost any aspect of aging … anything at all … anything but this – the heartburn & indigestion. I happen to like hot food. No, I adore it. I will change my diet for the sake of weight loss, but I do not want my body telling me I can no longer eat the food I like. Last night I made pasta (not too spicy) for me and my dudes. There were no unusual or unfamiliar ingredients, but … wow, did I ever think I was dying. Seriously. Bring me wrinkles (there are a few here and there)! Bring me arthritis (already have a little of that)! Memory loss (there are a few I could live without)! Gray hair! Whatever! Anything, Lord, but this …

“If you are what you eat, I only want to eat the good stuff.” ~Ratatouille, Film (2007)

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  1. teaspoon baking soda, or is that powder,?, a half cup or bit more of water, drink, better than tums etal.


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