Quirky Quirks

It has come to my attention that I am really weird. Ssshh. I can hear the sarcastic comments now. I know. I know. I am weird. I guess my discovery comes in the form of realizing that a lot of my bizarre quirks can be traced back to growing up on The Dark Continent. I think of things that normal Americans do not. I submit, for your consideration, evidence of my quirkiness.

Fruit. I love fruit. In fact, I am passionate about it … except one. Kiwi. I do not eat Kiwi. Why? Well, to be perfectly honest, Kiwi too closely resembles little hairy monkey balls. Yep. I said it. Little. Hairy. Monkey. Balls. The phrase was actually adopted from a grocery delivery driver while working at Shoney’s restaurant but once I had the visual … yeah – no more Kiwi. I have seen my fair share of real monkey balls in my lifetime and the resemblance is startling. It was not my favorite fruit anyway.

The power goes out. What do I do? I sit here. I figure it will come back on at some point … whenever. In the meantime? I have candles and books and peanut butter & jelly and … whatever. I am good. Hakuna Matata! My neighbor? Her first question is always, “Did somebody call the electric company?” Always! I never think about it. You live in Africa for a bit and you will not be calling the electric company every time the power goes off either. I think she has them on speed dial. (Love you, A.)

When washing dishes I stand like a Masai warrior leaning on his spear. That is, I put my left foot up on my knee and stand there … almost like a stork. I must find a picture to help you “see” what I am talking about. Hmmm. Let me see. Here you go:

I have stood like this while doing dishes since I was a kid. My mom used to ask me if I needed to go to the restroom, choo, loo, wc, toilet … you get the idea. No, mom. This is the way I stand – but only when I am washing dishes. (Thanks to
Masai Environmental Resource Coalition. I stole their logo for my picture.)

There you go. Three examples of my quirky quirks. I told you I was weird.

“Quirky is sexy, like scars or chipped teeth.” ~Jennifer Aniston, American Actress


  1. that is very interesting about standing like a Masai warrior. the other 2 on your list are hardly quirks I guess, though most of us have not seen monkeyballs close-up, I guess.

    As for phoning the power company, I'd never do that either. I would merely check with neighbours to make sure it is not just me in the dark. then I would expect someone else to look after it.

    But then, my own weirdnesses would take a book to enumerate.

  2. quirks give you character. i like quirks, individual, personal, rarely duplicated.

  3. vincent ~ I, too, could fill a book ... or a blog! :o)

    31337 ~ Hey - Lovely visit. Yes, quirks are character. I love my quirks.

  4. Just point your toe a bit and you can do the dishes like this. :)

  5. musing ~ Ooooh - Ballerina I am not. :o(

  6. I welcome you to the Oddball Quirkity Associaltion. You've already paid your dues. One of mine is that I stretch in my sleep. I wake up with the bottom of my foot almost touching the top of my head. Apparently I have a subconscious need to become a perfect circle that only manifests itself in sleep.

  7. bg ~ Girl, that is oddity at its best! Wow! Woo hoo ... I'm a proud member of the 'Oddball Quirkity Association.' Yay me!

  8. Weird and quirky people, I find, are beautifully interesting. Much better than 'normal', whatever that is!


"Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me? And why should I not speak to you?" ~Walt Whitman


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