God's Colors

Earlier this Spring I was sitting in a Sunday morning church service listening to the pastor’s sermon. Several months removed, I do not recall the entire message but I do know that he began to discuss the wondrous colors of our planet and its creation.

Big K, to my left, had his Bible open and appeared to be listening. I know he listens because this one … overtly talkative … has been known to answer some of the pastor’s more rhetorical questions embarrassingly out loud for benefit of the entire congregation.

Little K, to my right, was doodling on a random sheet of paper. I was intrigued by my child’s drawing as it showcased an island, ocean waves and what appeared to be a pirate ship. Typical little boy subject matter. The rather interesting thing was that he had drawn a catapult on the ship and this catapult seemed to be launching a person (not a rock or a cannon ball … a person) from the ship toward the island. I could only imagine what was going on inside his mind. One thing was apparent. He definitely did not seem to be paying attention to the pastor. No worries. He’s eight. And then …

… in the midst of this color portion of the sermon came the following words:

“God loves color. Looking around, I think blue and green are probably His favorites …” (and then, more flippantly) “... but I guess you could make a pretty strong case for brown.” ~S.D., Pastor

Shortly after this statement I looked to my right and Little K had written in bold, capital letters across the top of his “man being catapulted from pirate ship to island” masterpiece: GOD LOVES BROWN!!!

Sponge. Absolute sponge. Soaking it all in and, apparently, cheering for the underdog color of brown.

Take heart, brown, Little K is on your side and God loves you!!!

“Beauty seen is never lost, God's colors all are fast.” ~John Greenleaf Whittier, American Writer


  1. Intriguing, Children are....

  2. I think children are amazing. Its very true that children are little sponges. Sometimes I wonder what they are thinking when the look lost in space somewhere.

    Love the new header and the above quote.


  3. kk ~Yes, they are. I'm still trying to figure out my youngest.

    shanel ~ Thanks. I'm still searching for the right "look" for my page.

  4. Ok, at this point will quibble with the 'colour' of language. "color" ??

    Kulla? Colon?

    The vowel "U" is there for a purpose. Say it, rollll it round on the tongue, savour its purpose.

  5. davo ~ Yes, I know. 'Tis the American spelling. It took me years to start spelling it that way once I left Kenya but my university professors finally won that battle and I've used that spelling ever since. Sad, really.

  6. Even colors are wunderful flavours.

    Sho nuf!

  7. Love this one even more!!!!

    Ceallach ~


"Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me? And why should I not speak to you?" ~Walt Whitman


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