Name Tags

"They stick you with those names, those labels -- 'rebel' or whatever; whatever they like to use. Because they need a label; they need a name. They need something to put the price tag on the back of." ~Johnny Depp, American Actor


How many of those stupid sticker name tags have you filled out in your lifetime? I don’t know how many I’ve worn, but I can tell you there have been plenty.

It would be great if it was acceptable to add qualifiers below our names. It wouldn’t matter if you were at a church retreat or a corporate merger meeting or even a major convention. Maybe we should wear them every day. Can you imagine? If there was no restriction on what you could write below your moniker what would you put? Your mood? Your title? Height? Weight? Boxers or Briefs? Single or Taken?

HELLO! MY NAME IS: Bob … C.E.O. I am the boss of your boss of your boss.”
Whew! At least now I know what he looks like since the corporate tree only has names and no pictures. Note to self: Act professional when Bob is around.

Interesting, huh? I think so. Life would be much more entertaining at the very least. For those of you who are conversationally challenged it would be easier to find something to talk about. Reading someone’s name tag could also warn you to not even bother with that individual on that particular day.

HELLO! MY NAME IS: Joyce … I am pissed at the world.”
Yep, I’m not talking to Joyce today.

Let’s take it a step further. What if your name tag automatically populated with the truth? Wow! That would be fun! How I wish this world had that type of brutal honesty!

HELLO! MY NAME IS: James … I’m hiding my wedding ring in my pocket.”
Great! Good to know! Go home to your wife.

HELLO! MY NAME IS: Hope … I’m in love with James.”
Well now! Girl – you need to go read his name tag today!”

What would you put on your name tag? Would you go ahead and report the truth? Would you be coy and secretive? Ambiguous? Daring? Crazy? Matter-of-fact?

HELLO, MY NAME IS: Beth … I am:
a believer in Christ.”
a single, working mother.”
absolutely bored out of my mind.”
a compulsive writer.”
just like my father.”
thinking about my kids.”
juggling a whole lot of crap right now.”
envious of my mother’s patience.”
fantasizing about traveling absolutely anywhere.”
desperately homesick.”

"Names are an important key to what a society value. Anthropologists recognize names as 'one of the chief methods for imposing order on perception.' What is not named in culture very likely goes unnoticed by the majority of its people. The converse is also true: people pay greater attention to things that have been given names." ~David S. Slawson, Author


  1. Hello. My name is PAT.
    If you ask me what time it is, I'll tell you how to build a clock.

  2. Hello. My name is Joemmama
    I am a grouchy, mean, old, sad,hungry,crone. Why am I wearing a name tag when I never leave the house?
    What a wonderful post!

  3. Hello, my name is Mo. I'm having a quarter-life crisis.

    I like people who have the wanderlust; it signals to me a broadened, adventurous mind.

  4. Hello, my name is: Meaghan...I am:

    a Mother.
    a Wife.
    a Writer, a Reader and a Lover of Words.
    at times, terribly insecure and unhappy, afraid that everyone will find out that I have no idea what I'm doing.
    a perfectionist, often too hard on myself and, apparently, other people.
    a caretaker.
    an optimist, despite it all.

    Wonderful post, Beth. I hope you're working on a book.

  5. What fun!!! I love all your responses.

  6. Hi, my name is Jim, don't ask!

    I guess you know we on these blogs are wearing nametags, for the most part, and many of us are lying our brains out, not meaning anyone here or that I know of course, lol.


"Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me? And why should I not speak to you?" ~Walt Whitman


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