The Sky is Falling!

Of course, it isn't really falling . . . but there are days when I'm convinced that it must be coming down. I know I'm going through a lot lately, but for some reason I just feel really wiped out today. Am I getting sick? Am I just tired? Or, although the odds are not in my favor, is the sky really falling on my head? Either way - I don't feel great today and to top it off I am bored at work and I am cranky. I wish I had some flunkies that were willing to carry me around on a shield all day.

So, on this cranky day, I bring you words of wisdom from the greatest comic book series in the world. Yes, I still love DC & Marvel characters, but this . . . is . . . ASTERIX! Genius!

Contraria contraiis curantur: Opposites are cured by opposites
Gnothe seauton (Greek): Know thyself
Ira furor brevis est: Anger is a brief madness
Quot capita, to sensus: There are as many opinions as there are heads
Vae victo, vae vicits: Woe to the vanquished men, woe to the vanquished people
Vinum et musica laetificant cor: Wine and music gladden the heart

(Disclaimer: I am not a Greek or Latin scholar so I hope these are translated correctly.)

If you don't know Asterix . . .
educate yourself!

You could just
buy them.


  1. oh my gosh... I can totally relate. I'm in such a funk right now. Very stressed, overwhelmed and CRANKY. It's 7:41p and the bed and I are about become one. What's that about?

    Let's hang in there, surely there is something to be learned from the valley and something to be treasured at the top.

    Here's to looking forward to the top!

  2. J'aime Asterix, peux il vis pour toujours.

    Had, some time ago, two books of Asterix "comics" but was under the impression that he had been forgotten, so let them go at a garage sale for 20c each .. oops ..

  3. Hey Beth, I know how you feel... seems to be something in the air of late.

    In any case, I wish you a change in fortunes and a lift in the falling sky sensation.

    It sounds as though you need some proper R&R. Look after yourself.

  4. gg ~ "Funk" is such a good word. I am in a funk.

    davo ~ Long live Asterix! May he never be forgotten.

    mellifluous ~ 'Tis in the air, indeed. Take care of yourself as well.

  5. Obviously I totally relate. Sometimes a physical or bloodtests really help

    I had me headed for the nearest mental hospital where they would find out I also had a fatal heart condition--amazing how one timy bascially all natural pill a day makes such a difference--all doctors have ignored my thyroid being off befoe

    Barring that--very cliched but---be kind to yourself


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