Paint By Numbers

"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary." ~Pablo Picasso

These words are a self portrait. Each blog post is another brush stroke applied to the canvas of me. Art is subjective. And, like art, the picture I paint of myself appears quite differently to each of my readers. How about a little ‘paint by numbers’ exercise? The subject: Me. I’ve given you the numbers and the colors along with a tidbit about myself that corresponds directly to each number. I’ll let you do the painting. What sort of artist are you? Will you follow my instructions or, after reading my blurbs, will you break out of the box … color outside the lines … and create a picture of me that is bizarre and unique by changing the colors or the shades in your own mind? That is the beauty of art.

0: Number of pregnancies in my future. I love my crazy dudes, but I am done. Finished. It would, believe you me, take a bona fide miracle.
0 = Blue (Both my children are boys.)

1: Marriage. 1: Divorce.
1 = Orange (I have a general dislike for this color.)

2: Countries in which I have lived. Yes, only two: Kenya & The United States. I must confess. I am not a very good American.
2 = Grey (It’s a shade. A mix.)

3: Number of real, live plants in my apartment that I’ve managed to not kill for over a year now! This, my dear friends, is a major accomplishment.
3 = Brown (As in … my thumb.)

4: Once, in 1997, I ran over this many squirrels with my car … in the same day. Truthfully, I hit them all in one drive across town (between apartment and campus) and it is a really, really small town. I refer to this phenomenon as “Suicide Squirrel Day” (may their poor little bodies rest in peace). I haven’t hit a squirrel since.
4 = Red (Um, yeah, that indicates the blood on my hands for such an atrocity.)

5: Number of years I went to this totally awesome boarding school on the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley (Grades 7-9 and 11-12).
5 = White (One of the school colors.)

6: Number of ‘The Complete Works of William Shakespeare’ (2) and bard related (4) books that inhabit one shelf in my home.
6 = Purple (In honor of The Royal Shakespeare Company.)

7: Pairs of black shoes that I own. Trust me, this is minimal compared to many a woman. I simply wear a lot of black … therefore, black shoes dominate.
7 = Black (Quite obvious, that one.)

8: Years that Little K, my youngest, has been on this planet. Doing the math, this means I will only be 43 when he graduates from high school. Groooovy!
8 = Yellow (This is a happy color, right?)

9: Number of Earth globes I can see from where I am currently sitting … on my couch.
9 = Turquoise (For the oceans that cover the bulk of this orb.)

10: I’ve had this many jobs: photographer, waitress, hotel night auditor, bookkeeper, travel agent, collections agent, concierge, bank teller, assistant director of a non-profit agency & resort group sales associate.
10 = Green (Money … well, USD … is green.)

So … what sort of portrait did you create? Realistic? Abstract? Modern? Part of me wishes I could see your paintings. But, mostly I am quite content with the not knowing. I would hope that each and every one is unique and that is enough for me.

I shook it up a lot, but my inspiration for this post came from Finn. Thank you!!


  1. Hotel night auditor? How was that?! Jeez.

    Concierge sounds like a fun job to do.

    And the squirrels... ouch. Sure they weren't lemmings?

  2. Um, never was much good with numbers .. to me 1+1= possible problematical progeny and 2+2= a dinner party of some sort .. so, scrabbling among the tubes of acrylic, let's see ..
    eyes glowing green in the night, hidden by flowing hair unseen, A body painted by panthers ..

  3. How cool is this? I love the twist you gave it!

  4. Mo ~ Day: University; Night: Auditor. I didn't sleep. It was rough. Being a concierge was my favorite gig EVER!

    Davo ~ (((hugs)))

    Finn ~ Hey! Glad you liked it.

  5. I love this! What a wonderful way to share a picture of yourself.

    Also, we need to find a way to fangirl over the Bard together. Are you going to Chicago Blogher by any chance?

  6. musing ~ Thanks! I set a goal last year to make it to a Blogher in the next three. Alas! This year won't happen.


"Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me? And why should I not speak to you?" ~Walt Whitman


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