They Shower Naked Too

I do not get star struck by celebrity. Strike that. Rephrase. I have yet to get star struck by celebrity. There is, perhaps, a famous or well-known individual on this planet that could render me speechless should we come face-to-face. I can’t think of anyone at the moment worthy of eliciting such a reaction, but it could happen. Not likely, mind you. I simply don’t put that much stock in fame.

There was no defining moment in my life where I decided not to act like a total loon when confronted by celebrity. I mean, they shower naked too … just like me. They just have much cooler jobs. Why in the world would I want to make a total ass out of myself by jumping up and down and squealing, “Oh my God!! You are so-and-so! I absolutely LOVE you!” First of all: I don’t jump up and down for anyone. Secondly: I don’t squeal. Ever. Thirdly: Celebrities already know who they are. The endless “you are so-and-so” reminder from rabid fans has got to get exhausting.

There is also the humbling reminder, should I meet a celebrity and even interact with said individual, that he/she will likely have no memory of me the next day.

“What is fame? The advantage of being known by people of whom you yourself know nothing, and for whom you care as little.” ~Lord Byron

I like me, but I am just not that memorable. Why is it we remember them?

Stephanie Powers was my first celebrity sighting. No surprise. She waltzed into a well-known Nairobi dining spot while I was having dinner with my family. My reaction was something akin to, “Oh, well, look at that. It’s about time.” Stephanie spends a large portion of her time living in Kenya as she is highly involved with The William Holden Wildlife Foundation. The odds were quite favorable that I would see her one day. Now that I think about it, I would enjoy having tea with her.

I was hanging out at the British Airways Executive Club in Heathrow Airport once … I wasn’t supposed to be there but I have a knack for talking my way into places I don’t necessarily belong. I even managed to con British Airways into adding a complimentary hotel stay to my ticket (on a separate excursion) when my layover was excessively long. It’s a gift, but I digress. There I was in the airport lounge, drinking my coffee and perusing my reading material when
Telly Savalas walked in. My reaction (said in my brain to myself), “You really are one bald dude!” At some point we topped off our coffee simultaneously. He said, “Hello!” I said, “Hello!” Strangely enough, we actually boarded the same flight … in very different classes. Him? First. Me? Coach.

It would seem that airports are a fine place for meeting people. I spotted
Bill Nye the Science Guy in the Richmond, Virginia airport. He was alone with no one else about which is probably a testament to my total geekiness in being able to identify the man. But, in my defense, Big K was in Kindergarten at the time and absolutely loved Bill’s television show. SO … being the good parent, I approached and asked for an autograph for my child (which he still has eight years later). He obliged. We stood and chatted while waiting for our luggage. Mine arrived first and off I went.

I saw
Sandra Bullock once while she was filming a scene for the don’t-bother-to-ever-see-it-movie Premonition. I was on a business trip and we (my coworker and me) had heard via the talkative front desk personnel at the hotel that she was in town. I actually got to see her filming the same seen at least three times because, at the mercy of my Sandra Bullock obsessed “I’ve never seen a celebrity” coworker, we circled the block thrice … just to get another look. She was driving and I was trapped in the vehicle. That’s ten minutes of my life full of, “Oooh! There she is again!” comments that are lost forever.

And then, in one fell swoop, I met
Paul Rudd, Dash Mihok, this guy, and several other “I know I’ve seen you in a lot of random movie bit parts but I have no idea what your name is” pseudo celebrities. They were staying in my hotel or simply hanging out in the lobby. Whatever. It was 2008 and we bonded over the fantastic (into overtime) NFC Championship game between the New York Giants (23) and the Green Bay Packers (20). I was the only person in the hotel bar hoping for a Green Bay win (as the Giants had stomped on my Cowboys the week before and I was still bitter) and I took a lot of abuse from those celebrity boys. A lot, but it was all in good fun. Throughout the night girls came and went requesting autographs and pictures. I have none of that stuff. I was content to not buy my own drinks and shoot the breeze during commercials.

Impressions? Paul Rudd is a nice guy. Short, but nice. Dash Mihok is a bona fide arrogant a-hole, but I do remember his name now as opposed to referring to him as “Benvolio” forevermore. The real riot of the evening was “this guy” whose name is Glenn Plummer. He is a genuinely awesome person and I am glad I no longer have to refer to him as “the jaguar dude from ‘Speed’” or “the homeless dude with the dog from ‘The Day After Tomorrow.’” Do you think any of them remember me? Probably not. You know what? I’m okay with that. I have other nights from other places with other no-name people that are just as fresh in my memory. The celebrities did not make the night memorable. The events did.

There are a few more, but none of them a good story make. What about you? Anyone on this planet you would go absolutely gaga to meet? Or, more interestingly, have you already made a fool of yourself when faced with the famous? Do tell!


  1. I share your same ideals towards celebrities..I haven't met too many in my lifetime,but Harrison Ford would be one that I would struggle to not get excited about. Esp. is he was 20 years younger and dressed like Indiana Jones.

  2. Yes, but then you would have the illusion that he WAS Indiana Jones. I'm all for getting excited about fictional characters! :o)

  3. Good on you!

    I also don't see myself getting too excited over movie stars. I seriously don't get these people that camp out all night for autographs. But then again, if I saw Jessye Norman, I'd probably start speaking in tongues so, yeah.

  4. I lived in LA for 25 years before recently moving to the French Alps. In LA, I ran into quite a few celebrities. I'm not the star struck type either, and remembering thinking, when spotting Mel Gibson, 'he's really short.' I did end up at a few parties with Lilly Tomlin and I do adore her - she is true talent. I was a CEO of a charity that had a lot of celebrities lingering about, and honestly, they were mostly egotistical a-holes so that took care of any celebrity worshipping neurosis I might have developed by living in LA. Cynthia

  5. Most of my celebrity encounters are with nerd-celebrities here in DC--politicians, journalists, etc. Was on a plane with Karl Rove and talked to him for quite awhile. Nice guy, very personable.

  6. Just poppin by from Aly Hawkins' blog - anyway, I saw Oliver Stone at the airport about 6 months back, whoopdeedo, and I saw Hugh Jackman and John Travolta on the set of 'Swordfish', which was a horrible movie, but both Hugh and John were ready to shoot and they looked decidedly polished and camera ready. Not that I really cared all that much, but I did stop to watch for a few minutes. I would have to get excited about Tom Yorke (Radiohead) or the writer Dave Eggers. Not really like 'celebs' but there it is...

  7. THAT is a great story! I saw the tall crazy Marcia from the old Bob Newhart show. RAN INTO HER at the San Diego zoo. She was incredibly tall, and I was very mortified.

    I couldn't run into Harrison Ford, or Hugh Jackson. No, it was marcia.

  8. Mo ~ Speaking in tongues, huh? SO FUNNY!

    Cynthia in France ~ Lovely to have you visit. Hopping over to your blog has now made me crave Spring in the French Alps. *sigh*

    Holly ~ I like nerd-celebrities. I'm more apt to get excited over fellow bloggers and authors myself.

    Alexander ~ Thanks for popping by. You'll discover quite shortly that I've returned the favor. I would have stopped to watch Hugh Jackman & John Travolta as well (briefly). Though not for the same reasons, I'm quite sure.

    Vodka Mom ~ Ah, but you might be remembered for that one. Can't you see her telling the story? "Do you remember that woman that plowed over me at the San Diego Zoo ...?"

  9. I think if I ever ran into a celebrity I idolized (ex. Mr. Depp) I'd probably manage to stay fairly calm on the outside...but I'd be fainting on the inside!

  10. OK, I might have gushed when I met Minnie Driver. I didn't mean to. I started out cool, but I ran out of things to say, so I babbled a bit. I should have just walked away at that point. Lesson learned. I did much better when I met Jon Lovitz at EMP in Seattle. Lovely man. I'm not sure I would keep my cool if I were to meet Johnny Depp. I adore him so. Also, Sarah Jessica Parker would be a strange one for me to meet, since I feel like I know her so well from SATC. Other than that, I think I'd be OK.

    Oh and Paul McCartney. I'd freeze on that one too. And Madonna. And Clint Eastwood. And Morgan Freeman. Perhaps James Gardner. I might start crying if I met him. OK FINE I'm star struck.

  11. musing ~ It's all about what happens on the outside. There are those who could turn my insides into total mush.

    Melain ~ You babbled at Minnie Driver? Wow! Funny. I'd like to think I wouldn't do that, but I talk so much that the odds are pretty high in my going on and on and on about something stupid. Calmly, mind you, but still ...

    Let me just say, that there are those celebrities that I do adore: Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Merrill Streep, etc. I'm more apt to make an idiot out of myself by walking up to a celeb and quoting out of a movie. Like a million other people haven't walked up to Matthew McConnaughey and said, "Alright! Alright! Alright!" That would be me. Shameful.


"Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me? And why should I not speak to you?" ~Walt Whitman


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