The One In Which Life Gets In The Way

“It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities.” ~Josiah Charles Stamp

Responsibility: I have a lot of it. I am a single working mother.

I have two kids. One child. One teenager. Two days a week the post-work hours are consumed with baseball games. One day a week the post-work hours are filled with baseball practice. My eldest has landed the titular role (awesome) of “Charlie” in the Jr. High spring musical production of “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.” This involves mom (that would be me) running lines with said teenager and listening to songs (all the songs) … on top of choir performances for both children and the daily grind that is homework. (If you thought you hated homework in school … wait until you have kids. You’ll hate it more.) Somewhere in there I have to clean house and wash dishes and do laundry and feed my children and try to keep them healthy and this goes on and on and on. I do not have family in this town which means I am, essentially, on my own. And, somehow the bills have to get paid. Yeah, I do that too.

I work in a resort and the slow winter months morphed into insanity somewhere around Spring Break week one. That insanity will grow into full on madness over the next month and stay that way for the duration of the summer and beyond.

All of this to say, “I do not have time to write.” Do you have ANY IDEA how painful it is to type those seven words? So …

[Insert your choice of well written, wise cracking, witty blog entries here.]


  1. Yes, and I'm very sympathetic to your plight as described, Beth.

    But ...

    I'm in the opposite situation. Children grown-up and gone. My own career over, as I am somewhat past the retirement age. I make up my own projects, to pass the time.

    Does it mean I have time to write? Well, yes. Does it make writing any easier?

    Strangely, no. I wrote more when I was working full-time on a contract in 2007. I longed for this free time for decades: time to pen the great thoughts.

    Pressure is often a greater incentive to literature than leisure. Charles Lamb, essayist, had to leave for work every day as an accountant in the British East India Company, whilst supporting (financially and otherwise) his father and sister Mary, both of whom had mental and physical disabilities.

    When he retired from his clerking and therefore no longer needed to restrict his writing to the late-night hours, he found that most of his inspiration had dried up.

    So, dear Beth, please make hay while the sun shines.

  2. Wow... I'm now beginning to understand why some couples choose to stay childless.

  3. You're so right about that homework thing.

  4. Vincent ~ Hello luv! Yes, I will continue to make hay. I can't stop the writing process completely. I am just not sure how much of it will make it into this forum.

    Mo ~ .... or why some species eat their young, eh?

    Bybee ~ There is nothing quite like knowing you have a higher than average IQ but are not "smart" enough to figure out your 9 year old's math assignment.

  5. I LOATHE homework. Vile, vile practice, that.

    God bless the single parent. I am the product of one, and while it was difficult on her, it never was on me. She was (and is) awesome. I'm sure your kids feel the same about you.

    You'll write when the spirit moves. And we'll be here.

  6. Ugh! I was dreading the homework days before but now I am utterly depressed....

  7. Hi Beth,

    I don't think I would cope with all the responsibilities you have.
    I hope you find some time for yourself.

  8. I understand all too well. That. Is. My. Life. Though I do have some family around. I guess we've got to treasure that rare time we have to write at all then, huh? And how about hiring a young HS age babysitter or two? : )

  9. Finn ~ (((Hugs!)))

    mom2boyz ~ Oh, it's coming luv. So sorry.

    rob ~ One finds the strength inside oneself when one least expects to find it. Lovely for you to pop round again!

    Alex ~ Treasure it, I will ... or my insomnia will deepen as I try to make time. Hmmm. Babysitter? Key word there: Hiring. (Read: $$$)

  10. Having the Grandchildren, now, makes me understand completely. I thought I was done with this homework, school project, music lesson stuff. I am old and tired but I applaud you dear Beth! At least I have Gramps to help me.( and I don't get the math stuff at all!)

  11. joemmama ~ I have forbidden (in jest, of course) my children to procreate. I'm not nurturing enough to be a grandmother. ::sigh::

  12. You are not alone. One day, I hope to write again. I miss it so much.


  13. musing ~ Oh, you will luv. Of that I have no doubt. ((Hugs)) to you as well.

  14. I too managed to find myself employed with a job that is busiest in the spring and summer...fortunatly it's part time--mostly--and from home--mostly. There's been a sad lack of content on my part as well.

    I have the utmost and total respect for the single mom--not the single "I don't know who or where my baby's daddy is, give me more welfare"--but the one who goes about doing what needs to be done in order to give her children every chance at life she can give them. If I had a hat I'd doff it in your direction and then take you out for a beer. Or stay with the boys while you took your own self out.

  15. Dori ~ I'm going to take you up on that beer someday.


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