"233,000 people just twittered on Twitter. 26% of you viewing this have NO idea what that means." ~Sprint Commercial

So, yeah … I’m on Twitter. Follow Me!

There is an actually blog entry in the works. Two Three, actually, but they need to cook a little longer. So, feast on my tweets (excluding those responding to other Twitterers and those from from Monday – Friday of this week:

Morning Tweetfolk … I hesitate to wish anyone a "happy" anything, but... Happy Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you. Huzzah.

Reboot! Reboot! R-E-B-O-O-T! It's only 0919 and this day ... yeah, she ain't gonna be a good one. REBOOT!

Question asked. Random phone tech: "Ask Beth. She seems to do everyone's job around here." He's only been here 4 days. VALIDATION!

I am not amused in the slightest.

Little League game cancelled tonight. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I had to go to a pre-registration meeting at the high school for my eldest. HIGH SCHOOL. I'm not ready for this.

Season finale of CASTLE next week! Already? ::sigh:: Time to bust out the Firefly DVD set. Who am I kidding? It's always out.

Happy Tuesday. Happy Cinco de Mayo. Happy it's my ex's birthday. Meh.

Arsenal-1 vs ManU-3!! W00T! MANCHESTER UNITED!

And ... I just took a knee to the lip. This is what happens when one wrestles with her children. #thejoysofprocreation*

*The “#” symbol on Twitter traditionally indicates a phrase or words used quite often. The concept gets abused. I abuse it.

Fellow LOSTies, look who is here:

It's bloody well raining and storming AGAIN! Enough is enough, already.

If this thunderstorm screws with my #idol DVR recording I will not be a happy person.

Strike that. I'll live, but the little person & teenager in this house will make me so miserable that I will still be an unhappy person.

I will now bid a fond good eve to Twitter as the #idol tweets & spoilers have started. I watch later on DVR. Be back soon Tweetfolk!

My #idol voting text thumb got numb. This is why I have teenager to continue the madness.

Word to 9 yr old: Membrane. Response: It's, like, ONE of your brains ... isn't it?

Diner sign: Chubby Cheese Basket & Drink $5.99 ~~ WTF is that? Would YOU want to eat it?

Well, there's just nothing quite like sitting up at 0100 keeping tabs on a 'tornado watch.' Oh well. I was awake anyway. ::sigh::

Oy! When my E Africa tweetfolk begin to wake and starting waving at each other across the internet, I really should be asleep.

And ... now my friends in the UK are up. #sleepfail

I shall now attempt a bit of slumber. Again. Read: Staring at the ceiling and listening to the ever present thunder of late. #epicsleepfail

Ark Building 101: Gopher wood. 300 x 50 x 30 cubits. Carpentry is not in my skill set. My ark will sink. Boo.

Weather Report. Thu: Partly Cloudy. Fri-Wed: Thunderstorms. These incessant storms have me in a most foul disposition.

You know that moment in LOST between Sawyer & the tree frog? I'm having one of those moments with a coworker who is "One Of Them" indeed.

FB friend told me my eyes are beautiful, deep & sexy. Taking the compliment, but wondering how many pics he flipped through. Hmmm?

::Sigh:: Idol, LOST &
@LAGalaxy all at 2000, my time. This is why I love my DVR.

@LAGalaxy isn't airing in #iliveinredeckhell AGAIN! I'll have to "watch" on the computer. #ihearttechnology

2nd Half: RSL - 1 vs
@LAGalaxy - 0. Grrrr.

I heart Donovan!!

Holy hell!

Sleep will have to wait! Nathan Fillion is on Craig Ferguson tonight.

I've been awake for 48 hours. #epicsleepfail

Meh. Work. And ... I'm eating chocolate cake at my desk for breakfast. Don't judge. "Dad is great. Give us the chocolate cake." ~Cosby

Java. Java. Java. Java. Java. Java. Java. Java. Java. Java. Java. Java. Java. Java. Java. Java. Java. Java. Java. Java. Java. Java. Java.

Safety Meeting. Ugh. "Slips, Trips & Falls": Would it be wrong to fake slipping, tripping or falling on my way out of the meeting?

Little people baseball. 90F - I'm sweating & oh so happy that it is warm & not raining.

Did you know Ichabod Crane umpires little league in #iliveinredneckhell? Well, now you do.

Watching 'The Little Mermaid' because I can. Yes, as a matter of fact, I do have a crush on the animated Prince Eric.

I just caught a slug trying to sneak into my place. TOO. MUCH. RAIN. OK, so he wasn't sneaking. He was in. He is now out.

Just purchased Idol Tour Tix for my eldest's birthday. ROW 6, Baby! Why, yes, I am the coolest mom ever.

I just told the copier to make me "coffee" instead of a "copy." #singleminded Yes, I speak to inanimate objects.

Two words this Friday eve: Star Trek!

Pre-movie festivities in the theater included Star Trek trivia for a comic store gift certificate. It's in my purse. #imahipgeekchick


  1. And now I feel like I know you just that much more...Chick Geeks unite!

    I refuse to watch or own Disney princess movies. They mess up the stories just to have happy endings and it makes that vein above my eyes throb!

  2. This was a great post Beth. I'd make fun of it if I wasn't so impressed with how each of your Twitter updates is actually like, really clever and funny. (BTW: Firefly is out all the time here too...just in case)

  3. Beth, you seem a sensible kind of person. What is the attraction of twitter? I cannot see it at all.

  4. Dori ~ Little Mermaid is the only one I have. Not sure why it's my favorite, but it is.

    Alex ~ And ... I was so looking forward to getting mocked. Alas! Thank you though :o)!

    Vincent ~ Two reasons:
    1) Twitter suits my randomness quite nicely.
    2) It affords me yet another convenient avenue for my favorite hobby: People Watching.

  5. Hey Beth, we are following you now, we are @toptentopten. Twitter is great for randomness. I heard the best description of it, "It's like miniature blogging on speed."


"Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me? And why should I not speak to you?" ~Walt Whitman


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