Riverfest Roundup 2009

I'M ALIVE! Now that we have that out of the way …

“The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.” ~Chuck Palahniuk

… let me tell you about my weekend. Not weekend before last, mind you, or even this past one for that matter, but the one before both of those. What can I say? Life has been busy.

Since my first, and most excellent,
Riverfest experience last year, I spent a great amount of time throughout this year looking forward to Memorial Day (USA) Weekend 2009 in order to do it all over again. It came. I went. Now? I blog. Forgive the randomness. I have no intention of providing a chronological summation.

  • ‘Wanderlust’ is a fantastic album. It is. Of course, I’m bias. The title is WANDERLUST … how could I not be self-OBLIGATED to love it? But, Gavin Rossdale’s live show was HOT! Super hot! And … here is his tweet from the night of his Riverfest performance!
    Wilting? Dude, that’s not heat. Come back in late July. Please, come back!

  • Side note: I spent the entire week prior to Riverfest agonizing between The B-52s and Gavin Rossdale for my Friday night entertainment. I’m SO glad I chose the latter. Rock was the way to go.

  • Next year? Hotel room. Driving back and forth and back and forth and back and forth … is total bollocks.

  • Club hopping post-Riverfestivities (obviously that is not a word) does lead one to some “hidden” musical gems. May I introduce Joe the Show who we discovered at The Underground Pub Friday night. We (A & me) returned to the pub Saturday night when the festival closed. The band wasn’t playing, but they were there. We introduced ourselves. We danced. We flirted. We danced. We flirted. We danced. Um, yeah – so it was good night.

  • Saturday night I almost bitch-slapped one rude little snit of a pre-teen who actually proceeded to shove me out of her way in a desperate attempt to get a peek at the stage whilst Hinder was performing. Paging parents! Paging responsible parents!

  • Speaking of Hinder: We (B & me) gave up any attempt to fight through the masses for a spot closer to stage. No loss. The show was average. Music good. Showmanship lacking. They did sing a few new tunes … enough to peak my interest in regard to a new album.
  • Note to self for the future: Stopping at the survey booth yields $5 in Riverbucks just for answering a few mundane demographic type inquiries. Worth it.

  • Oddity: I didn’t eat one fried Oreo®.

  • Reality: I made up for it with drinks and curry and pie … and drinks.

  • I really should take a camera next year, but if I can’t fit it in my pockets then I don’t want to be stuck hauling something around.

  • There was a new venue this year in a field to the right of The Clinton Presidential Library (Shut up. I know it looks like a huge, steel, mobile home.). This is where Hinder and Heart performed. I found it to be a most excellent addition to the festivities.

  • A ferris wheel also lit up the night sky. I was far too impatient for standing in the line. I now regret that decision. It would have been incredible to see Little Rock and all the Riverfest happenings from the top.

  • Photo credit: jbparker on Flickr

  • Heart was INCREDIBLE … despite the fact we watched on the big screen in the sprinkling rain instead of in the mob of a crowd at the stage. Iconic! Classic!

  • Sunday it rained. Nay, it was a monsoon. 3 Doors Down and Flyleaf were cancelled. Boo!

  • Tweets from the festivities on Saturday:

  • Last year I emphasized the importance of decent shoes. This year I wore flip-flops all weekend. Good call! Granted, prior to departing each day, I dissected a cloth band-aid and stuck part of it between my toes so the band on the flip-flops wouldn’t rub off my skin.

  • It is possible to part ways with one’s friend(s) and attend different shows. Me? Hinder and Heart. A? Buddy Guy. I am joined at the hip with no one.

  • I didn’t flirt with a single law enforcement officer. Progress! (Yes, there is more to this story. No, I will not share.)

  • Speaking of police officers … apparently it takes SIX of Little Rock’s finest to escort ONE man, handcuffed, out the closest gate to a police car.
  • There was no showing of the tattoo to random strangers this year. (Again, there is more to this story.)

  • I go to Riverfest primarily for the concerts, but I think I would be content to just find a spot to hang out and people watch for 3 days. Next best thing to an airport, baby!

  • Sadly, I didn’t make it to the ‘Got Milk’ area of the festival during daylight hours. No free milk mustache photograph for me. A little bummed I am about that one.

  • I saw Annie’s twin brother … as a teenager. Frightening, it was.

  • And, finally …

  • General stupidity is magnified three-fold when people are in crowds.
“Just think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider!” ~George Carlin (And, then … put them in a crowd!! Grrr.)

I could continue, I guess. There is far more in my mind … both bizarre and mundane. Sigh. Now the wait for announcements of next year’s musical lineups begins. And, as you all probably know by now, I hate waiting. Patience is not my virtue.

I do hope everyone has an amazing summer and might I suggest attendance of a music festival somewhere near you:
Festival Finder! (That link is North America-centric.)

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  1. Awesome! Loved reading this. And so glad you had a great time.

    P.S. rock is always the way to go


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