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My mother was 15 when Elvis mania happened. She claims she was never a fan. I think she lies… a little. Was she not a fan of the music? Possibly. Probably. Rock-n-roll has never been her particular cup of tea, so I understand her general lack of fandom for most songs in the Elvis discography. She has owned his gospel album though. I know. I’ve seen it. Understandable, really, once you’ve heard the Elvis version of Amazing Grace. Still, as a heterosexual teenage girl in the back half of the 1950s, is it really possible that she did not admire the scenery?

See? She lies.

“The image is one thing and the human being is another...it's very hard to live up to an image.” ~Elvis Presley, Press Conference (June 1972)


  1. have you noticed that Adam lambert looks a little like him when he slicks his hair back? Elvis from the 50s is still a hot man.

  2. I can't help wondering how things would be different for him now. He was actually a blonde, but they dyed his hair black. Made him look quite striking. (slUrp. sorry. drool.)Sucha talented guy. Makes you wonder why the talented ones are always nuts.

  3. Now that's just a hunka hunka burnin' love right there!

    My mom wasn't caught up in the Elvis mania either...but I think that had more to do with being a sheltered, daughter of a country circuit riding preacher than with her own tastes in hot men.

    To answer the question above...or attempt to...at some point they buy into their own hype and go a little cuckoo. Tragic sad.

  4. Oh yeah....momma be telling tales. He's pretty. I can be in the worst mood ever and watch "Blue Hawaii" - by the time he starts singing "Baby, I was almost always true to you" ~ all is right again in my world.

  5. Desilu ~ At moments, yes.

    BG ~ Fame is a bitch.

    Dori ~ HA! Mom wasn't a preacher's daughter, but she was just a farm girl from rural Pennsylvania... and the church was on the opposite corner from the farmhouse. =)

    Lis ~ ;P

  6. Is it possible for us to put ourselves into the mindset of the 1950's....when values were so different?

  7. My mom preferred...excuse my short gagging noise...Pat Boone over Elvis. Can you believe that???

  8. Bob ~ Likely, no.

    Bybee ~ *snort* I finally did get my mom to confess her teenage crush. It went like this: Mom: OK, fine. I liked Richard Chamberlain. Me: Gay, mom. Mom: What? Me: He's gay. Richard Chamberlain is gay. Mom: (puzzled silence) Me: It's ok, mom. I've had a celebcrush on more than one gay individual and Chamberlain is a hottie. Mom: Well... (more silence)

  9. He was easy on the eyes, that's for sure. Great choice of pics. And great quote at the end.

  10. I was in the midst of the nobody cares about Elvis generations. My parents were around ten years older than him and weren't into it, and by the time I was in my teens it was the "fat Elvis" era.

    He certainly had a unique and striking face though, having seen parts of a few of his old movies.

  11. Michele ~ Yes, he was. Thanks.

    PMM ~ It's been a long time. =) Welcome back. Yes, I like to pretend that "fat Elvis" never happened despite the photograph evidence.


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