The Sound of Silence

What my private journals know, that you don't, is that a lot of this has been taking place on the inside of me lately:

The screams from the recesses of my mind refuse to be ignored.
My dreams will be heard.

I have been drowning in the familiar… the same-o same-o… the mediocrity of going through the motions for months and when I chose “buck” as my word of the year for 2010 I didn’t anticipate my subconscious taking it over and forcing change on me. I should have, but I didn’t. The absurdity of it all is that I thrive on change. I always have. Why then have I not been creating change for myself? It’s a mystery. There is a lot happening for me right now… much I must digest. I’m trying to chew slowly instead of swallowing new developments whole and choking on my own life.

I’ll be back soon and will probably bring all my change with me. In the meantime, this is what me being silent sounds like.

“You can't stop change any more than you can stop the suns from setting.” ~Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace (1999)

Photo credit: yell saccani on Flickr.

Only Elephants Should Wear Ivory

“The growing demand for ivory has lead to skyrocketing rates of illegal poaching, and unless ivory sales are permanently banned, elephants are likely to go extinct. In fact, Kenyan Wildlife Authorities recently seized $1 million worth of elephant tusks bound for ivory markets in Asia. Please sign this petition today to call for a permanent, total ban on ivory sales to save elephants and rhinos!”

Do you know what this is? Probably not. I apologize for the poor picture quality.

It’s a bracelet. It’s made of ivory. And it is… In. My. House. Hypocritical? Not so much. You see, this bracelet was a gift from parents many many many moons ago when the sale of ivory was still legal in Tanzania. And, since about 11 or 12, once I was of an age to have an opinion on the matter, this bracelet has not graced my wrist. I will also never sell it. I’m not sentimental to the point of thinking it would hurt the feelings of my parents. They know how I feel. Simply put, I don’t want anyone else to have the opportunity to buy it. As long as the sale of ivory remains legal in any form and in any part of our planet then the majestic elephant will be in perpetual danger. That, my friends, is not acceptable. Scenes like this are not acceptable. Memo to African governments: Culling is not acceptable. Yes, the other solutions are far more expensive… but isn’t the preservation of your tourism income worth it?

I could write about this for pages and pages, but I am only one person. Guess what? You are one person. One plus one can equal thousands... millions... and we can make a difference. I just signed a petition to help save elephants from extinction by permanently banning the sale of ivory.

Please add your name today!
Pssst. That's a link. Click it!

Once you sign the petition you will be given the option to share your decision on Facebook or Twitter. I grew up sharing my childhood with the African elephant. I want my children to be able to go back to Kenya with me and experience elephants in the wild.

“The question is: Are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?” ~David Attenborough

Judge Not The Shoes Lest You Be Judged

“Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them.” ~Oscar Wilde

Yesterday was Monday. Grocery day. I came home from work, got the boys and off we went to Wal-Mart because, despite how much I despise the Evil Empire, I can’t afford the nicer grocery store in this town. I was cranky and, within minutes of entering the store, I was even more irritable and snappy. Monday had not been good to me and, even though it was only the first of the month, I was convinced March was already broken. My poor boys.

And then shoes lightened the mood. Yes, shoes. No, not in the way you think. I was not engaging in retail therapy. Shudder. Have you seen the shoes Wal-Mart is carrying these days? No? My point exactly. I wandered down the shoe aisle in order to cut around someone else who wouldn’t move out of the main aisle when I saw them. The shoes. Ugly shoes. Nay, the ugliest shoes I have ever seen. My best description: They were a slightly heeled, light purplish/lavender sort of jelly-ish type shoe with flecks of multi-colored “paint” chips interspersed within and little white circles all over them. There were two pairs and they were on sale.

I grabbed a pair of these freaking ugly shoes, held them aloft and announced in no quiet voice to any and everyone that was within earshot, “There is a REASON these are ON SALE!!!” Little K dissolved into laughter in the aisle. Big K laughed… while he bolted for cover in typical, “Oh, Mom” teen embarrassment and then tried to cover up his retreat by going to the water fountain… two aisles to the left and back into the restroom/former layaway part of the store. “I was thirsty.” He mumbled upon his return. Mmmmm hmmmm. Yeah. I believe you were just thirsty.

Man, I wish I had taken a photograph of those shoes. Oh, and next to the ugliest shoes ever… were some sort of red crushed velvet clog sort of things. Yeah, they were that ugly too.

My Favorite Pastime

For those who may not know: I watch a lot of movies. I won’t say I watch too many movies because I don’t have the money to watch too many movies although I do put forth my best effort. Not only do I watch lot of movies… I blog about those movies. Go figure, right?

My predictions for the 82nd Academy Awards are up now. Check out
Reel Relevance for that list and all my other movie related opinions.

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