Country music. I have loved it. I have hated it. I have tolerated it. I have liked it. I have treated it like the plague. It is an odd relationship we have. When I was fifteen and we lived in Louisiana for exactly ten months… I pledged pure hatred for the genre.

In truth, I didn’t give country much thought at the time. Not really. I was too busy dodging New Kids on the Block mania by taking refuge in Skid Row,
Bon Jovi, Guns n’ Roses, Warrant, Winger, Alice Cooper, Bad English… this list could go forever (Got hair?)… et cetera to worry about what was new and exciting in the world of country. I did, however, bust out the walkman (Yeah, I’m that old.) every weekend as we drove to and fro across The KKK Pelican State in order to drown out my father’s classic country radio tunes with my far louder choices. Bizarre, really, since I used to spend HOURS on the floor of our living room in front of the record player (Ahem. Yeah.) listening to my parents ‘Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits’ LP (Vinyl record, people!). I still know every lyric to those songs.

At the end of that wretched period of time stateside, my parents and I drove from Louisiana to Pennsylvania in order to leave our vehicle and various other not-coming-to-Kenya-with-us items at my maternal grandparents' home. On the way we stopped in Nashville, TN and I spent a drizzly soaked, yet awesome, day jaunting around the Opryland theme park which was still open at the time. That night... we went to the
Grand Ole Opry… and I threw a royal teenage bitch fit about how much I hated country music and how my parents couldn’t force me to sit through an entire show. In fact, the term “bitch fit” is so inadequate for the way I behaved; but, I went… probably with the scent of anger escaping from every pore. I went. I watched. I was converted. I can’t even tell you who performed that night… but it was an amazing experience.

With no time left in the United States I went home to Kenya with no country in my music repertoire. Boarding school, however, with all the sharing of personal belongings, afforded me the opportunity to obtain a fair selection... most from my cowboy boot wearing, Southern boyfriend at the time. Those were the years that the likes of Garth Brooks and Clint Black exploded. I listened. I absorbed. Two years later I returned to the States for college in Arkansas. My newly developed love affair with country music survived about two seconds. The radio waves in the South are saturated with more country stations than anything. S-a-t-u-r-a-t-e-d. It was too much for me. Occasionally, over the next fifteen years, a single would crossover and grab my attention. Rare, but it happened… usually when the country was heavily laced with rock-n-roll. I moved to Virginia for a while and started listening to country again. I moved back to Arkansas and began to strongly avoid it… again. I had this irrational fear of being assimilated into redneck culture if I embraced it too closely.

Enter Christian Kane.

Like much of the planet (or just we Joss Whedon junkies), I first heard Christian Kane sing as the character
Lindsey McDonald on the television show Angel. Instantly I wanted to hear more. Somehow the release of KANE’s first (self titled) album eluded me but I did, eventually, discover that Christian was fronting his own band… and the music was clearly country… and I didn’t care. They were good. Very good.

Currently appearing as Eliot Spencer on TNT’s ‘
Leverage’ (AKA: the best show on television), Christian is still more well known for his acting than his music. Methinks that is about to change. Big time.

In March 2010 Christian Kane released his first solo album and I have but one complaint: It only has five songs. I crave more. While KANE’s music heralded my gradual return to the country music fold there was still no full mainstream country CD I wanted to purchase or (eventually) download. A song here… a song there… never the entire thing, but I seriously love every single song on this album. That’s right. This post is one long rambling music recommendation. How do I put this in the simplest of terms? I know: Go. Buy. This. Album. If you need a taste first then you can download the single ‘The House Rules’ for FREE from Christian Kane’s official
website. Follow the purchase links and you can get a lot of other good stuff (and some of KANE’s music) as well. Hell, if you’re super lazy, plug his name into YouTube and tons of stuff will pop up. UPDATE (12/07/2010): The FULL 'The House Rules' album is available, as of today, everywhere. Go. Get. It. Oh... go for the deluxe version because the bonus track, "Different Kind of Knight", is exquisite.

A bit of personal feeling regarding those original five teaser songs…

Painfully relevant to a period in my life: Making Circles
Inspiring me to follow the rules (Well, #7 at least.): The House Rules
Brings out more emotion in me than I’d like: Let Me Go
Makes me feel sexily patriotic: American Made
Repeat. Every time. Once is never enough: Whiskey In Mind

Oh, and ladies! Yes, the man can sing. Damn, can he sing (and write)! That should be reason enough to heed my advice. If you need more, however, there is the undeniable fact that he’s a manly man who is super easy on the eyes (Read: Smokin’ hot!) and has a speaking voice like liquid sex.

Don't worry, guys. You will like him too. Christian simply delivers damn good rockin’ country.

You should all be convinced now. As for me? I'm listening to, and loving, country music (and not just Christian Kane)... again.

“Well our love story reads like a book of lies.
Good intentions. Better alibis.
No happy endings. No straight lines. No movin' on.
But, no goodbyes.
This bittersweet revelry will be the death of me.”
~Christian Kane, Making Circles


  1. Don't worry! Our lovable KANE will be releasing the full album...at least the rest of the songs for a combined or individual download...as soon as they are finished recording and editing the rest of the songs. So fear not, though Christian is a very very busy man he and Steve/Ryan/Jason/Will will finish if they haven't already. Leverage is close to finishing shooting this season so I'm so if they haven't finished yet they soon will. Check out my YouTube, I have some videos I took from all but 1 concert of Kane's this year (my camera fucked up at one concert and the videos looked like crap, so they aren't there) Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/user/hmspretender1982
    - Heather G

  2. Sweet. Thanks. Now... if I can just get him to Little Rock (or any driveable distance) for a show.

  3. Now I have no idea if/when he'll be going back this year, let alone if he and the rest of Kane will be doing a concert there, but I do know he has been back to Tennessee, I think he hops between LA and Nashville, so one could always hope he'll get back there and maybe throw a concert or two...one could always hope right!?! I mean, Nashville's about 5 hrs away right? I've been driving 3 1/2 hours to Portland to see his concerts. I hope you get to one of his concerts!

  4. I LOVE Christian Kane. I've actually had a very similar relationship with country music, the ups, the downs, the wanting to bang my head against the wall to the tune of an acoustic guitar. But man I cannot resist Christian Kane. Thanks for the song recommendations, I will be looking them asap! Let Me Go is one of my faves, and Thinking Of You is the song that introduced me to the other life of this hunky actor lol.


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