Hooray for Dirt!

“You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.” ~Unknown

Saturday I went to play in the dirt. In truth, I went digging for diamonds at
Crater of Diamonds State Park but, seeing as I had absolutely no expectations about actually finding a diamond, I really was there just to play in the dirt.

I haven’t been that relaxed in months. Seriously.

Seeing as I have a brown black thumb… I don’t garden, but apparently you can give me some sunshine, a plowed field of rock and stone, a shovel, a bucket and a sifting screen and I’m happy as a clam mole(?) to sit on the ground filtering through pounds of dirt.

Go figure.

This tomboy forgot how much she loves being in the dirt. How did that happen?


  1. I have some plants I need to replace in my yard. Wanna come dig the holes for me? ;)

    I have never done this or gold panning; I'd love to try sometime.

  2. Dori ~ ;)

    Finn ~ Drive to FL and dig in the dirt... I'm on my way. :) If you are going to dig for diamond then you'll have to come to AR. It's the only diamond mine in the country and the only "finders keepers" diamond mine in the world. I haven't panned for gold either. Hrmmmm. Must add to bucket list.

  3. Wanna come up to Connecticut? We have a number of new garden beds that need to be cut for next season and I'd like to get them done before winter. Lot's of dirt and roots and rocks! And maybe even a few ancient glass bottles (I've found them before). Whaddya say?? :-)


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