Giving Thanks, Part Four

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” ~G.K. Chesterton

Furniture. It seems like such a trifle topic. I’ve written about it before…
HERE… where I discuss how nothing in my house matches, how everything is a hand-me-down and how sometimes I’m ashamed but that my shabby house is a home of blinding light. That post was written over a year ago. It was read by my friend M at the time and she was touched… but said nothing.

M and I went to the same high school. We were acquaintances then but reconnected via Facebook and became friends. She became an enormous encouragement to me… always there to remind me that I am a strong, beautiful woman with a purpose. M decided some time ago that her place was not on Facebook. She deactivated her account and I quickly obtained her email address with the intention of keeping in touch. Intentions. Fickle buggers.

A couple of months ago I received an email from M. She touched based. Asked how I was doing. Inquired about my boys. And then, included in the email, was a confession about reading the post I had written about my furniture situation. It had touched her and God, she said, had clearly indicated to her that she was in a position to help me. She went on to tell me there was storage room in Georgia full of barely used furniture… and it was mine if I could go get it.

Wai…. What?

Was she joking? No.

M’s company had transferred her out of the country shortly after purchasing new living and dining room furniture. She was tired of paying the storage room costs and the first person she thought about was me. She also apologized for not obeying God and giving it to me sooner. APOLOGIZED! And then she kept THANKING me for taking it off her hands. Thanking me. Wow.

By the way… my father drove to Georgia and picked up this gift. I’m still in shock. How do you fully express that much gratitude to a person? How?

M’s gift has changed the mentality I have toward my own home. I am more proud of it. And, yes, I do realize it’s just stuff. But, it’s the nicest stuff I’ve ever received as a gift and, by far, the nicest furniture I have ever owned. My attitude changed. The attitudes of my boys changed. They work harder to keep our living area clean now that they, too, are proud of how it looks.

Oh… and the mismatched furniture I had to remove in order to make way for this gift? Well, the table went to someone who didn’t have one. As did the couch… to somebody else. And the chairs. The recipients of those items were just as grateful to receive my older stuff as I was to receive new stuff. It helped me keep things in perspective.

Thank you, M. You are one of God’s angels.

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  1. Angels. I've never doubted their existence...only that they all have wings and halos.

    Your home is beautiful, luv!

    Sometime ago I put out the word that we were looking for a bed so we could finally move our poor youngest child out of her crib/toddler bed (that we purchased used 6 years ago). And no one responded. Lots of other stuff came up and I stopped asking. Then, last week I had an email from a friend whom, though local, I don't see often asking if we still needed a bed. They have an almost brand new queen size they simply don't have room for...and it's ours for the taking. And I started crying. Over a bed! Such a small thing...but huge to us! And I'm so grateful.


"Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me? And why should I not speak to you?" ~Walt Whitman


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