A Promise

My relationship with the town of Arkadelphia has been strained at best. I’ve written about my love/hate feelings for this place on more than one or even two occasions. After all, it’s often difficult to see the good in why I am here… or in the memories I have of this place.

I moved to Arkadelphia, AR in 1992 when I enrolled as a freshman at
Ouachita Baptist University. I made a lot of less sane… more unstable bipolar… dumb decisions in this town. I got knocked up here. I dropped out of college here. I got married here. I left here amidst unbelievable marital turmoil. Eight years later I moved back here amidst even more marital turmoil (same marriage). I got divorced here. I refer to this place as a vortex or a black hole that keeps sucking me back in and will not let me go.

In recent months I finally began to make a grudging sort of peace with living here. Ideal? Not so much. But, I do give it a far worse rap than it deserves.

As Big K, now a high school sophomore, has become more involved in school, my scheming, plotting and daydreaming of how to get out of Arkadelphia forever has waned. I have started to count the blessings this town has to offer… starting with education. Arkadelphia puts a lot of focus on the education of its children. And, it still has arts and physical education programs. Both boys are in their school choirs. Last year Big K was the Tin Man in the high school’s production of The Wizard of Oz musical. He was also selected for the
Arkadelphia College Prepatory Academy. These are things that are important to a mom. These are things that make a difference.

Today Arkadelphia upped the ante. Today, November 16, 2010, Arkadelphia made a promise to this struggling single mother and her two children.


That promise? A college education without the financial pressure of how to afford tuition. It is one of only four similar programs in the country. And, for that, all I can manage is a tear filled “Thank you!”

This is the cue for all my friends and acquaintances to stop asking me when I’m going to move away.
Arkadelphia: It really is a great place to call home.

“Arkadelphia is transforming college education from a dream to a reality for every single child.” ~Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education


  1. Excellent. Simply phenomenal.

  2. This story made me tear up. I am so glad she is finally proud to be here through all her bad circumstances. And by the way her son ROCKED as the Tin Man!!

  3. John ~ Sweeet, indeed. I'm still in shock.

    Anon ~ Bless you.

  4. Well would you look at that. Wonderful.


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