Igniting Time Present

“Time is the fire in which we burn.” ~Star Trek: Generations, Film (1994)

December 28 – Achieve
What’s the thing you most want to achieve next year? How do you imagine you’ll feel when you get it? Free? Happy? Complete? Blissful? Write that feeling down. Then, brainstorm 10 things you can do, or 10 new thoughts you can think, in order to experience that feeling today. (Author:
Tara Sophia Mohr) [The #reverb10 project.]

I want to achieve contentment in the now… to recognize that there is a time for everything and the time for some of the wants I have for my life may have not yet come. I want to be set aflame by the notion that this is my life and I want to have a burning passion to devour every single moment I am given.

I cannot alter the ashes of Time passed.
I can only prepare a spark for Time future.
But, I can choose to ignite Time present.

I want true contentment with what I have and where I am. I do not want to confuse contentment with resignation or apathy. I want to continue to burn for more.

How will I feel should I achieve such contentment? Sizzling! On fire for the here and now.

I have experienced moments of pure contentedness but they are rare. Elusive. Keeping that fire continuously burning is a constant struggle. There are sparks I can light… today… tomorrow… daily. Lack of diligence is my perpetual downfall.

Behests ‘o Beth
Meditate thy mind.
Own thy attitude.
Move thy body.
Do thy deeds.
Journal thy feelings.
Show thy smile.
Mind thy money.
Respect thyself.
Ignore thy excuses.
Love thy world… and all in it.

Every fire must be stoked.


  1. i have always chosen contentment over joy and happiness, and in the context of our media and society, i have often felt like an underachiever. but i see contentment as more tenacious, as a satisfaction that endures, like a fine way to live a life. As for your behests, they sound spot on to me.

  2. I desire this as well. I am so restless and it bithers me becuase I miss out on the beauty of my present. This was wonderful, I may print out the Behests of Beth, as they are wonderful reminders.

  3. I think contentment is often more sustainable too. And I can't help but think of it in terms of what we then have available to give to others. Can we help lift others more by the moments of sheer joy, or by the tenacious substrate of contentment? I think the latter, actually.

    I also think there's lots of fire in contentment. It's the fire that sustains, the fire that warms, that powers things, that cooks things that feed ourselves and others.

    So I guess basically what I'm saying is YEAH!!!!!! ;)

  4. I read this before. Coming back is worth the trip. The idea of burning contentment appeals to me greatly.

  5. To those whose comments got lost earlier: Sorry!

    @Jeanne ~ Spot on but difficult to follow daily. I think I can...
    @Liz ~ This is the single most difficult thing in my life. I find discontent in absolutely everything so I know how you feel and that is the very reason I chose it.
    @Karen ~ HELL YEAH! P.S. - Still love that "catch up" post. Love. Love. Love.
    @Mark ~ I'm glad you liked it... twice!!

  6. Always great. I need to take notes and ignite time present myself.

  7. Gorgeous post. You are a red-hot Prometheus. Thank you for passing us this spark!


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