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“Finishing races is important, but racing is more important.” ~Dale Earnhardt

December 6 – Make
What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it? (Author:
Gretchen Rubin) [The #reverb10 project.]

You almost got a picture of our dinner (I made that.) because I’m not a crafty person. Wait. That’s a lie and my close friends will publically call me out on it so I might as well own up now. Sigh. I’m an incredibly creative and crafty person. Yep, I’ve got skills. What I also have is an “Oh look! Shiny!” problem. I start projects and sometimes (okay, often) they hold great promise of super awesomeness… until something shinier comes along and sends me careening off in a new direction. I tried. I really, really tried to become more focused. It didn’t work. So, my solution was to convince the world (and myself) that Beth is not crafty. For the most part it works. Sort of. A little. No, not really. One bloody brilliant work-related PowerPoint and now the cat is out of the proverbial bag.

I’m giving up trying to hide it.

For the last few years I have been decidedly “Bah Humbug!” about the holiday season. This year was threatening to follow suit. This year the boys will be with their father for Christmas and that usually make me very…Meh!

[Sidebar: I’m kidless for Christmas. Who wants me?]

I realized this year that my attitude was going to have to change. So, back in early October, I went on a Christmas music downloading binge and, with the exception of my unbelievably quirky and awesome ‘Forbidden Forest’ Halloween playlist, put the holiday tunes in heavy rotation on my iPod. I’ve continued to download… looking for new and unique versions of holiday classics or new originals. And then, without warning, it hit me… I have to share!

This holiday season, for the first time, I will be putting together some sort of gifty-something-or-other for my co-workers. I haven’t quite decided everything that will be included… probably a hand painted wooden spoon, a copy of my much beloved and begged for chocolate chip cookie recipe, and a holiday music CD (So… I’ve thought about it a little.). I’ve scoured through the few hundred (uh…yeah) Christmas-ish songs in my collection and narrowed down the selection to this most excellent list.

1. Christmas Time Is Here ~Sarah McLachlan & Diana Krall
2. Joy To The World ~Aretha Franklin
3. Gabriel’s Message ~Jars of Clay
4. I Saw Three Ships ~Sting
5. The Christmas Shoes ~Newsong
6. Silent Night ~Martina McBride
7. White Christmas ~Bing Crosby
8. O Come All Ye Faithful ~Vince Gill
9. Winter Wonderland ~Ella Fitzgerald
10. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas ~Diana Krall
11. What Child Is This ~Andrea Bocelli & Mary J. Blige
12. Peace ~Norah Jones
13. Please Come Home For Christmas ~Bon Jovi
14. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel ~Enya
15. When Christmas Comes To Town ~Matthew Hall & Meagan Moore
16. Carol Of The Bells ~The Bird and the Bee
17. Christmas Day ~Dido
18. (It Must’ve Been Ol’) Santa Clause ~Harry Connick, Jr.
19. The Christmas Song ~Nat King Cole
20. O Holy Night ~David Phelps

I highly recommend it.
Of course, the playlist is the only thing I’ve MADE in regard to these possibly mythical presents. Let’s see if I fini…. Oh look! Shiny!

As for the future…
Yes, I need to make something. I have to make a budget but it can’t be just any budget. This one… has to include savings for some sort of vacation. My kids have never had a real vacation and I’ve decided it is damn time I make it happen. That being said, it has to be a budget I will actually use… refer to daily and… Bloody. Well. Stick. To. It.

I know. That’s decidedly not crafty.


  1. Great post. I envisioned the dog from UP," Squirrel!" Good luck on the budget and the vacation that it spawns. (sidebar: I too will be alone for Christmas and might rather enjoy it.)

  2. Jason ~ I *almost* used "Squirrel!" in place of the last "Oh look! Shiny!" but I always question my tendency to confuse people with too many pop culture references. :) Funny that you thought of it anyway!

  3. I haven't even seen the movie and my first thought was "Squirrel!"...then again, I have two doggies.

    Get thee to Virginia for Christmas.

    And JoAnn Fabrics currently has all Christmas crafty crap 60% off...just what you need to spiffy up a mixed CD.

  4. Dori ~ Did you just point me in the direction of a crafty store? Ack! Coming back to VA for Christmas would be excellent. Alas!

  5. Besides I coined "Hey look, a squirrel!" ages ago so you'd have to pay me $0.05 per use. :) Yeah, I'm that old.

  6. Yes...yes, I did. Crafty=venturing into some sort of craft/hobby store at some point. Just sayin'


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