Beth & the (Broken) Power of Juju

January 9, 2011 - "Hoth", AR

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” ~Anthony J. D'Angelo [Sunshine = Juju. Work with me here, people.]

It is official. My juju is broken… and my hoodoo and voodoo too.

I have been able to convince myself and, on occasion, my children and some highly gullible acquaintances that my anti-winter juju is sufficiently powerful enough to hold back the threat of “this is not supposed to happen in Southern Arkansas” ice and snow stormage. Year after year the predictions come. Year after year the forecasters are wrong. A little dusting here. A bit of ice there. Maybe a little slush. Weather happens. Inevitably. But, for the most part, when I see a winter storm forecast I start sending my “I really freaking hate winter” juju vibes into the atmosphere and we are spared.

Illogical? Yes. But, it keeps me sane (It's all relative.).

This warped illusion would never work if I lived north of the
Mason-Dixon Line. I don’t. Why? Drastic winters. Duh.

One month into bloody twenty-eleven and the truth of my broken juju is abundantly apparent. We’ve had not one but two “major” (Again, it’s all relative. Really.) snows… and Wednesday brings yet another one. My juju cannot stop it. The weather front is coming, so saith my weather predicting knees, and am powerless.

I see only one solution to this problem.

Somebody send me back to Africa.
My juju needs an equatorial recharging.


  1. Amusing and something I totally understand...

  2. Ugh... I've totally tried to embrace winter this year, but come ON! Enough is enough! So so so SOOOOO over the snow:(

  3. You and me both, dada!

    On another remind me of the Babe. Or you did, before your voodoo came up broke.

  4. "equatorial recharging" I got a chuckle out of that. So far here in Toronto we've had it easy, we've got snow now but not all that much - of course Feb tends to be the worst month so there's no telling what things will look like in a few weeks.

  5. I'm sorry, dude. Snow sucks at the best of times.

  6. Oh dear, your water bill must be sky-high this month! Stay warm, dear.

  7. I too hate winter weather. I moved away from Maine for that very reason, as well as some others. I now live in a, relatively, snow free zone. Alas, it still gets too cold for my aging bones and I find myself wishing for warmer climates. Keep your head up, I'm not sure your ju-ju is broken, it's probably more that Al Gore's is stronger.


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