Bidding Adieu to Shared Walls

I remember the day I moved out of the house I shared with my then-husband. It’s hard to forget when you re-start at the beginning. Literally. It was January 1st.

That was four years ago.

And, so, for four years, two months and six days… I have shared walls with others. I have also dragged myself to the laundromat (most) every week. Oh, the joys of apartment living.

Sidebar: You would think, after seven years of dorm life throughout junior high, high school and college, that sharing walls wouldn’t be such a big deal for me. You would be wrong.

I’ve moved. Again.

I say “again” because my unwritten ‘divorce recovery’ plan seems to be running on a two year cycle.

January 1, 2007 – I moved out and into the first apartment I could find. It was a two bedroom. The boys don’t like sharing a room.

January 2, 2009 – I moved out of that apartment and into a three bedroom apartment within the same complex. More of a duplex, I only had to share walls on one side. No one above. No one below.

March 6, 2011 – Adieu, shared walls. Adieu.

Still renting. Progress? Perhaps, in another two years, I can buy. Sigh.

The teenager, conscious of this every-two-year trend stated, “Mom, I hope we don’t have to move again in two years. I hate moving.” I responded with, “I don’t, but you do… college boy… get out!” Yep. Mother of the year. They still love me.

So… that’s where I have been of late. It isn’t so much an excuse as it is a reason for my absence. Organizing. Packing. Purging. Moving. Unpacking. Sort of unpacking. Proud if I get to one box a day unpacking. Sick of unpacking. I ended up with a ridiculous amount of time off work courtesy of bloody stupid all day utility appointments. That’s a racket, I tell you… especially when my 8:00am-12:00pm internet hook-up appointment arrives at almost 12:30pm despite the reminder call I received at 8:15am from the company. And, don’t EVEN get me started on how I feel about Centerpoint Energy.

This particular move has been far from smooth and I couldn’t have done it without some pretty amazing coworkers/friends and an extremely understanding boss.

“If I were asked to name the chief benefit of the house, I should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.” ~Gaston Bachelard

UP NEXT? I’ll be doing the following meme which I obtained from
AGGASPLETCH. I’m quite positive he’s doing a far better job of answering these questions than I will… but any port in a storm, right? Or, in this case, any rain drop in a drought.

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four turn offs.
Day Eight: Three turn ons.
Day Nine:Two images that describe your life right now, and why.
Day Ten: One confession.

Aren’t you just giddy with anticipation?

Don’t answer that.


  1. Welcome back. You've been missed. :)

  2. What S is truth.

    I doubt I'm doing "better" just different. Some people are really willing to let it all hang out there and some just aren't. Makes us different is all...

    Glad your move is over and I loved your answer to your eldest son...priceless...

  3. Hooray! You're back! And yes, you've been missed. Looking forward to your series. I posted comments on Mark's...he does do them quite well. It's sort of intimidating, really.

    And, I too liked the answer to your son..."Spoken like a true smart-ass!" and the kind of person I like to hang with!

    Best wishes in your new home!

  4. As tedious as it may be, don't you love the feeling that comes with moving into a new place?

    To me, it feels like a rebirth, a clean start, of sorts. I feel reinvigorated, if that makes sense.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go catch up on the posts I've missed. :)

  5. S ~ Thanks, babe! It's good to be missed.

    mark ~ Yeah, there is nothing quite like posting with the realization that you've probably lost what few readers you had. ;) It's a good thing I haven't checked stats in a couple of months. I have to go compose Day 1 of said meme now. Wish me luck.

    brandeewine ~ Thanks, I'm loving the space. And, yes, I am the snarky parent. Alas! Snarky parenting results in snarky kids. We have good times.

    MO!!!! It's Mo! Dude, where have you been? Yes, I actually adore moving. As I have not the funds to travel... I move. It doesn't quiet the wanderlust but it does help.

  6. :D

    My mojo had taken a long walk off a short pier a long time ago. I decided to lug the bugger out yesterday and perform CPR.


    Good to be back. :)

  7. Good luck at the new space... I feel you on the utility Co. timing. I'm usually the offender in my day to day now:)


"Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me? And why should I not speak to you?" ~Walt Whitman


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