Musings from Barnes & Noble Café

“Well I’m just people watching the other people watching me; and, we’re all people watching the other people watching we.” ~Jack Johnson

Does anyone really need a book titled The Secret Language of Cats? Lady, your cat is indifferent. If you do not understand your cat then your cat does not want to be understood.

There is a middle-aged schoolteacher type and her mousy elderly mother (the resemblance is simply too stark for the relationship to be anything but as stated) discussing a book titled Good Girls Just Don’t Get It. Uh… research?

A child throwing a tantrum in French is just as frustrating to the parent and as irritating to the “audience” as a child throwing one in English. “Angry Child” needs no translation.

Why share a dessert when you are both drinking your own Vente Mocha Frappuccino? You have maxed your caloric intake for the entire day with one beverage. Why sweat those of a whole brownie vs. a half?

There is a woman with a stack of magazines. I don’t think she intends to purchase a single one. (She didn’t.)

There is only one person with a laptop. She is also the only person in the café (minus the baristas) who is younger than me.

I should start a book club.

Order the spinach quiche. It looks and smells divine. Not to mention, the woman consuming it clearly looks as though she is having a special foodgasm moment.

People still read V.C. Andrews.

I should write more “thank you” notes like this chick next to me. I envy her dedication… or I am pissed at her for making us non-note writers look bad. It’s one of the two.

I am guilty of always thinking someone in a crowded public place looks familiar to me.

Some people should be banned from having the opening to The Lion King’s “Circle of Life” as a ring tone. Those very same people need to remember there are places where a phone should be on silent.

If your pen dies in a Barnes & Noble Café… the baristas will likely loan (or give) you a spare. Common occurrence, me thinks.


  1. I love people watching. What a great idea to write down observations. I used to work at the airport, and there was always something to see.

  2. Brandee ~ I *love*love*love* airports for this very reason.

  3. Now I know what I am going to start doing whenever I find myself someplace by myself. Like...Barnes & Noble when my wife and daughter are off spending all of the money in the bank! :-)

    I think I've seen most of these people. Except the kid was throwing a tantrum in Korean...and most of the people in the cafe were younger than me.

    When are you going to write more poems?

  4. Snatches of everyday life, how I just love them and I loved this post. Your observation about the cats book made me snort out loud here at my desk. Brilliant. And I may need to steal this idea :)

  5. Ring tones should ALL be silent :), and carrying cell phones when socializing maybe banned under penalty of death. (Strong feelings, can you tell)

    Just strolled across your blog, like your musings.

  6. Mark ~ Ah... me and poetry. What is there to say? I'm not melancholic so I'm not writing it at the moment. ;D

    Stereo ~ Steal it, luv! Please do.

    Robot Nine ~ I'm glad you like the musings. Yes, cell phones have moved beyond the scope of distraction and into the realm of plague.

  7. This is awesome, I used to do something similar and don't know I stopped. The V.C. Andrews made me laugh.

  8. Hi hun... Glad to see U r still doing your thing. Brilliant post as usual. I think I'll be heading to BnN later this week. I just might catch U watching me watching you;)


"Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me? And why should I not speak to you?" ~Walt Whitman


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