About Me

Texas Born.
Kenya Raised.
Global Citizen.

This is me. Beth. Hi! 

I spent most of my childhood, quite literally, up a tree in Kenya with twigs in my hair and scabs on my knees. That’s Kenya, East Africa, by the way. 

I’m a single mom and my boys (one is a teenager) still think I’m funny. WIN! Here I used to refer to them as Big K and Little K, but then Little K surpassed Big K in size. Today one is 21 and the other is 16. It's a whole new world. 

I wish I could tell you what to expect here but I am no Oracle. I’m not the Wizard of Oz either but people like to come to me for advice – which is just damn odd. This corner, my wee little spot on the interwebs, brings out the best and the worst in me. I tell stories about myself, my childhood in Africa and my children in Arkansas. I vent. Often I rant. Sometimes I even bitch. There are serious moments and even a rare glimpse of brilliance. The only static? My format. I began with a quote in every post and I will end, whenever that day may come, with a quote in every post… the title sort of demands it. If you look closely, you'll discover a five year gap in posts. I didn't intend to come back, but here I am. 

You can email me or find me at these fine places:



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